Google Adwords Interview Questions and Answers

Google Adwords Interview Questions and Answers

This section covers commonly asked and expert level Google Adwords Interview questions and answers. The types of questions covered are knowledge based, conceptual, situational and experience based. You can also find interesting examples with the questions, as required.

Who are these Google Adwords Interview Questions useful for?

Conceptual and general questions on Google Adwords will be very useful for graduates, MBA freshers, beginners and junior level professionals interviewing for Online Marketing or Digital Marketing, Adwords Marketing roles.

Professionals appearing for Google Adwords Manager position will be highly benefited by the experience based, strategic and planning related questions.

The situational questions will help you in dealing with problem solving type of questions often asked at interviews.

Google Adwords interview questions topics

The section covers conceptual and practical questions on all important topics like - Adwords Extension, Keyword Planner, Ad Relevance, Ad Group, Ad Quality, Ad position, CPC, ECPC, CPA, ad position, ad quality, managed and automatic placements, landing pages, adwords settings, adword express, Google Attribution, Phrase match etc.

1. What is Google Adwords?


Google Adwords is an advertising technique for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network.

It allows the advertiser to set a budget and only pay when people click on the ads.

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2. What is Ad Extension in Google Adwords?


Ad extension is nothing but the extra information you see with the ads, such as the address, web page links or the contact number.

It attracts more clicks by increasing the click through rate and also helps to improve ad visibility.

These extensions provide people interactive ways to get in touch with you like calls, maps or message option etc.

Some extensions require a manual setup while others are automatic.

3. If I add an Adword Extension, is it guaranteed that it will show up with my Ad?


No. Adding an extension doesn’t guarantee its show up. It will show up only when Google expects that it will improve the performance of your Ad. It also depends upon your Ad’s position and Ad Rank.

4. Can you name a few Google Ad Extensions?


Google Ad extensions help you to increase the traffic. Some of the Ad Extensions used in Adwords are:

i. Callout Extension
ii. Locations Extension
iii. Structured Snippet Extension
iv. Click to Message Extension
v. Sitelinks Extension
vi. Review Extension
vii. Price Extension
viii. App Extension
ix. Call Extension

5. How would you decide, which Ad Extensions should you use?


The use of an Ad extension depends on what you are aiming to achieve with that Ad. For e.g

i. If you have a local business (like restaurant or grocery store) and you want customers to buy from you, you can use Location extensions, Affiliate location extensions and call out extensions. These extensions give people a way to reach you and your affiliates through calls, address etc.

ii. If you offer a service (like pest control) for which you want your customers to contact you through phone or message, you can add Call extensions and Message extensions.

iii. If you have developed an App and want people to download it, you can use App Extensions.

iv. If your purpose is to get customers converted on your website, you should consider adding, you can consider adding Sitelink extensions, Callout extension, Price extensions, Review extensions, Structured Snippet extensions etc.

6. What are the various types of automated extensions available?


The various types of automated extensions available are:

i. Automated call extensions
ii. Automated message extensions
iii. Dynamic sitelink extensions
iv. Dynamic structured snippet extensions
v. Automated location extensions
vi. Consumer ratings extensions
vii. Seller ratings extensions
viii. Previous visits extension

7. Is there any extra cost involved in setting up and using these Ad extensions?


There’s no additional cost to set up these extensions. However, for certain interactions like Call, Download App etc., you are charged something extra along with your usual cost for clicks.