Group Discussion on Feminism

Feminism stands for women empowerment in a society that has long been restrained under patriarchy and male chauvinism. However, in recent years feminism was branded with male-bashing and proving how women are superior to men instead of equality.

To help you with a group discussion on Feminism, here are some facts, quotes, arguments and possible GD topics.

Some facts about Feminism, you can use in a GD:

  • Feminism dispels the age old belief that society was founded by the father and that a man is the head of the family.
  • Queen Elizabeth's succession to the English throne was one such event that dispelled the old ritual of male succession.
  • One in three women are raped globally once in their lifetime.
  • 38% of women murdered are killed by their partners. 130 million women worldwide have been forced for genital mutilation.
  • 99.3% women in Egypt have been subjected to sexual harassment.
  • Women in 10 countries are forced by law to obey their husbands. 76 countries have legislations against domestic violence and only 57 of these countries include sexual harassment under the legislation.
  • Only 24% senior management posts are held by women. 14% of active members in the US armed force are women.
  • Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive. This law is currently being challenged.

Possible Group Discussion topics on Feminism:

1. Feminism has converted into male bashing - For or Against?
2. Feminism is about equality for men and women.
3. Feminism has lost its relevance in the modern society.
4. Are feminists angry and aggressive and is it justified?
5. A man can be a feminist too - For or Against?
6. Gender equality is a lost cause.
7. Oppression against women happens only in underprivileged and uneducated areas of the world.
8. Feminism is sexist against men.
9. Women are oppressed because other women allow the oppression to flourish.
10. Feminists are not fighting for equal rights but for superior rights.
11. What are some of the issues that modern feminists face?
12. Feminism should not be used as a trump card to get favours.
13. Jane Austen was the ultimate feminist of her time.
14. Has feminism empowered women?
15. Feminism is beyond issues of man and woman.

Some quotes that can be used in a Group Discussions on Feminism:

"Feminism is not about girl power. It is about equal power."
- Whitney Wolfe

"Feminism is an attack on social practices and habits of thought that keep women and men boxed into gender roles that are harmful"
- Robet Webb

Pros of Feminism:

1. Equal wage: Demand for equal wage for equal work is a good thing. Women everywhere are paid lesser than men in most industries.

2. Discrimination: Favouring male candidates for higher positions and promotions happens everywhere and is unfair.

3. Self-love and respect: For a very long time women have been belittled and made to believe that they are inferior to men.

4. Raising each other: Supporting each other to rise high and fight injustice meted out to them is a good way of expressing feminism.

5. Equals: Treating men and women as equals in a relationship is necessary. They are not to live under shitty marriage with the idea that they have nowhere to go.

Cons of Feminism:

1. Superiority: Getting over inferiority complex for women under patriarchal society was important but then claiming that they are superior to men is also wrong on a whole new level.

2. False accusations: There have been an alarmingly high number of false accusation cases registered against men who are innocent, in the name of feminist support.

3. Competition: So now that there is a competition among men and women to prove that she can earn equally well, raising family and taking care of children comes secondary.

4. Sharing responsibilities: Amid fighting against gender roles, women forgot that they are simply playing the blame game if something is left undone.

5. Victimising men: This is as real as it gets. Men are becoming the victims of feminism when they are made to do things against their wish just because their partner wants to feel empowered at home.


Feminism should be the movement that raises women suffering under injustice and stereotypes but it should by no means be the target towards belittling the other gender.

We hope that you found this GD guide on Feminism useful in forming informed arguments for your entrance exams and placement tests.