Top 8 Highest Paying Non-IT Jobs - Highest Salary Non-IT Jobs in India

Learn about the 8 highest paying non-IT jobs that earn you money not less than an IT profession.
Not just IT but a lot of non-IT professions can also make you equivalent or even more money than an IT job. Let’s learn what are those professions and how can you earn that kind of money with a non-IT job.

Let’s begin!

1. Medical Professionals -Till the time there is life on earth, there have to be doctors. And, all the specializations get you money. The only condition is you have to be a really good doctor. Someone who is trustworthy. Patients will queue outside your clinic.

With the changing world, the demand for professionals like Relationship Therapists, Psychiatrists is also rising tremendously.

In fact, the need for doctors who provide alternative medicine is also on a rise. So, even if you are homeopathic doctor or an Ayurvedic doctor or a Naturopath, you can make big money.

A good doctor can easily earn in lakhs and this is true even for the doctors from alternative medicine background.

A homeopathic doctor I know, charges 600 – 700 Rs/- per consultation along with the medicine for a month. He is at the clinic both in morning and evening. And, trust me, I see not less than 25-30 patients queuing up to see him in every session. Calculate the type of money he makes.

But, the biggest quality in him is, he is good at his work and trustworthy.

2. Banking & Finance Professionals - Now see, there are a lot of positions in Banking and Finance sector that can make you a lot of money.

But, all these positions need you to work really hard. So, if Banking and Finance is the area that interests you and you think you can work hard, being aware of these positions can help you in making a decision.

In this sector, you have positions like Investment Bankers,  Actuarial Analysts, Credit Risk Analysts, Portfolio Managers who make a lot of money.

These are not your regular banking positions that you see when you visit the branch of your retail bank. These are specialized positions. And, all these positions make you earn in lakhs. Infact, top Investment bankers, Actuaries and Portfolio managers even earn in crores.

The discussion about this sector will be incomplete if I don’t mention CAs, Financial Analysts and Financial Consultants. These people also earn a lot of money.

3. Management Professionals - These people work at various levels in the companies. The salary at the base level is not too high until and unless you pass out from one of the top institutes. But, if you are really good at your work, the salary for mid-level and senior level positions goes in lakhs. The responsibilities that come with the role are also big.

With the technological revolution, these senior managers are the ones to navigate the companies in the right direction. And, they are heavily compensated for doing this.
The condition again is - You have to be really good at your work. Keep upgrading your skills to stay relevant.

4. Sales and Marketing (BBA/ MBA/ Graduate) - These are the people who earn the money for their company. They are compensated with not only their fixed salary but also the performance bonus which at times is much higher than their actual salary.

I have seen even simple graduates doing so well in this profession because what matters here is your dedication, creativity and presence of mind which are all in your control.

Yes, the job may get physically exhausting but that’s a part of this profession.

What’s also important to pay attention to here is that, the market keeps changing, so you can’t just go on with your traditional approach. For e.g. Digital sales and marketing is a very important thing to know in the current world. Keep yourself abreast with the change and you’ll do well.

So, next time someone talks about a sales job, don’t look down upon it. Think over it because this may be your door to large amount of money.

5. Lawyer/ Legal Expert/ Corporate law - Lawyers or Legal professionals are another set of people who make a huge amount of money. Depending upon the type of cases you take, how professionally you solve them, this profession can also help you earn large sums of money.

It is true that there are a lot of lawyers who are not doing well but then that kind of professionals who just believe that their degree is their ATM card are many.
If you want to earn well, you’ll have to work hard. Degree without hard work and discipline is useless.

Law graduates are employed by all the companies. In fact the technological advancement is opening up the gates to positions in Cyber law and Regulations compliance. These kind of positions will exist with everyone providing online services and technical products.

If you stay alert, you can definitely find a position for yourself and mind you all these positions require expertise which is compensated well.

Even good criminal and civil lawyers earn in lacs per case. Again, depends upon your commitment and approach towards your profession.  

6. Digital Jobs - Now, under Digital Jobs come  jobs like SEO Analyst, Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Content Marketing Manager, PPC Manager etc.

These professionals start with an executive role and the base salaries are usually around 3-3.5 lacs but with time and experience the salaries can easily go upto 15-20 lacs.

Digital professionals are employed by almost all the companies these days. So, definitely a profession that is both in demand and pays well.

7. Commercial Pilots - Commercial Pilots are one of the highest paid professionals. The cost of becoming a commercial pilot is no doubt very high. But, their salaries run into lacs from the beginning of their career.

Pilots are employed by both Commercial Airlines and Government Bodies. Some Commercial Pilots even fly private aircrafts owned by businessmen and celebrities.

The Pilots are entrusted with the lives of a lot of people including their crew members and hundreds of passengers.

This needs them to be get a good flying experience before being assigned actual fights to fly.

To be a Pilot in India you need to possess a 10 + 2 qualification with Physics and Mathematics as your subject. If you have not studied them in your 10 +2 , you can pass the exams from Open School and then try to get into a formal course.

These professionals have to stick to their schedule which doesn’t allow them the time for personal events like family functions or a weekend. But, all this is compensated by a hefty pay package and great lifestyle.

And at no. 8 we have two professionals who I don’t know you expected to be in this list or not. But, they are here to show you how you can make huge sums of money with any profession.

These are :

8. Executive Chefs and Coaching Class Teachers. - While the salary of an entry level chef may not be too high, Executive chefs at big hotels easily earn between 1-3 lacs per month. The earnings depend on your title, experience and type of employer.

A coaching class teacher, can easily make money more than all other professionals. The basic requirement is a good subject knowledge and ability to explain things. A lot of us are not interested in becoming teachers but this is one profession which if done with full dedication can get you all money, fame and respect.

So, the fact of the matter is, not just the professions that I have talked about in this article but any profession can make you a lot of money. The need is to be best at it and be committed to it.

If you can do that, see the magic happening to you as well!