Best Ways To Deal With Interview Nervousness

Here's a few ways to deal with interview nervousness
As you get closer to the interview, you may notice trembling in your hands, excessive sweating, a faster-than-normal heartbeat, a blank feeling, and so on. All of them are nervousness caused by physical reactions to the interview in your body. Nerves are the body's natural reaction to being in a strange or unexpected situation. In fact, when your body prepares to fight to the perceived risk of a job interview, you experience interview anxiety.

Interviews can be nerve-racking for anyone, whether they're a first-timer or a seasoned pro, even if they have a perfect resume, all the notes prepared, and all the research done. It's natural to be concerned. So, instead of panicking, acknowledge and allow your fears to bring out the best in you.

Let us see a few ways to deal with interview nervousness:

Do your homework and get to know the company:

It's natural to be nervous. Being overly nervous, on the other hand, could be a problem. But you know what, being prepared is the best way to reduce anxiety. So, Conduct thorough research on the company before interview. Examine their social media pages. Understand their policies as well as their vision and mission. While going through about company, You would also learn about its initiates. And, The research would make it easier for you to answer questions like, "What is the company's value?" or "What is your favorite part about working here?"or Why do you want to work with us? And so on. All of this research will assist you in answering questions that will boost your confidence and make you feel more confident and calm.

Prepare yourself:

The better prepared you are, the more confident you will be. Prepare ahead of time. Read and understand the job description completely. Practice common interview questions such as "introduce yourself," "tell us about your weak and strong points," "where do you see yourself in five years," and so on. This will cause you to say what the interviewer wants to hear, and the more nicely you respond, the more self assured you will be, making you less anxious.

Try the STOP method:  

When you're in need of some new and positive energy, try this mental checklist. This strategy requires you to take a little break in order to determine the best course of action to pursue at the time.

Now, in the STOP method, S stands for "Stop Your Actions and Thoughts". The letter T stands for Take a Deep Breath. The letter O stands for observe. Observe your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. And The letter P stands for proceed.

Now, let us see how this works:

Let's say you're changing careers and you're asked, "What direct experience do you have in this field?" You feel blank and stressed after listening to the question because you have no direct experience.

Let us see how practicing STOP method can help you.

Stop and pause after you've finished listening to the question. Then take a deep breath slowly and deliberately. Keep an eye on your feelings. You can be nervous or unsure about the question. You may also notice a change in your breathing pattern, as well as the churning of your stomach. And you can be thinking to yourself that you've always wanted to work in their field, and now you're doing it. Then go over what you noticed about yourself.

With your stomach churning, you consider how wonderful it would be to change careers.

So, rather than being afraid, your mind suggests what you may respond if asked this question. Like you mind may suggest, "I have a lot of relevant experience from my previous work, so I'll be positive and focus my energy on my transferable talents. Like in previous positions, I've used video editing software that might help me improve the company's social media accounts."

So, when you are asked this question or any other question in real life, you should be able to use S.T.O. P lessons to your advantage and react without missing a beat. And the S.T.O.P method isn't limited to simply interviews. It can be used in any situation that makes you feel anxious. Knowing what's going on in your mind and body will make it easier for you to perform well and confidently when the stakes are high.

Use your body language to exude confidence:

When you walk into the room where you will be interviewed, sit and stand confidently. The physical position you are in can have a calming effect on your mind. It is a well-known fact that smiling makes you feel more confident. Smiling can also fool your mind into thinking you're happy, allowing you to relax even more.

Pay attention to your breathing:

After you've finished listening to the interviewer's questions, pay attention to how you breathe. Take a deep breath before answering the question. It aids in calming you down and making you less nervous. It also gives you more time to come up with the best answer.

Interview is just a conversation:  

Everyone is nervous during an interview, but understanding that it is just a conversation will help you to relax. Remember that an interview is simply a discussion about you with another person. All you need to do is respond to the interviewer's questions and be sincere about your background. You are not required to do anything else during an interview.


It is normal to feel anxious during an interview. You can clear your mind and feel refreshed by going for a walk outside before the interview. If possible, schedule the interview in the morning so that you are not stressed out all day. Get a good night's sleep so you can perform well in the interview. Eat a tasty meal because it will provide you with energy and happiness. Discuss and talk with your family or friends. They might be able to offer you some words of encouragement that will boost your confidence. Finally, remember that you must be honest and true to yourself during the interview. Prepare for the worst, but keep in mind that this is not the end of the world. You will have many opportunities, but it is best to seize the ones that come your way. A well-prepared individual is more self-assured. The more you plan ahead of time, the less nervous you will be.