How to Introduce Yourself in an Interview?

A lot rides on how you present yourself while introducing yourself. It sets a positive tone for the entire interview.So, learning to get your introduction right is gonna help you.
Yes, we have got to introduce ourselves many a times in many different contexts but introducing oneself in an interview is a skill everyone should know. You have to ensure that your introduction leaves a strong impression. A lot rides on how you present yourself while introducing yourself. It sets a positive tone for the entire interview.So, learning to get your introduction right is gonna help you. If you can get off to a good start, you can feel more confident going into rest of the interview. So, nailing the first introduction is so important when the stakes are high.

Now before going forward let's have a few general tips for Self-introduction:

Wear a smile:

Yes, sunshine is good for your teeth. It increases your face value. You look friendly and confident. With smile, you wear a positive body language. Your first impression starts here
so ensure that you get it right.

Greet Interviewer:

A simple hello and handshake with the person who'll be interviewing you showcases your manners. Just give a quick introduction while extending the hand for handshake.

For example, you can say..

Hi, I’m Nishant. Thanks for inviting me to meet you today.

Confidence is the key:

Communicate your qualities confidently and clearly. Talk about your qualities and personality but don’t sound arrogant. Please don't say "I am an extraordinary person", "I am exceptionally gifted", "I am so cool" etc. That looks so funny, arrogant or self-absorbed. Read about the company, Job profile and rehearse well before arriving at any interview.

Don’t overdo it:

While talking about skills, achievements, certificates or awards, specify only relevant ones that you believe the hiring manager will value. Remember, you shouldn’t take
more than a minute for introduction. Let's not bore the interviewer with unnecessary details.  

Now, let's talk about what your self-introduction for interview should cover

Begin by Greeting the Interviewer. Start with your full name and a brief introduction about yourself. You can also add a brief detail about your family but keep it very short. Remember, this is your interview, so you don't need to talk about your family at length.

Talk about Educational Qualifications

Give a brief account of your educational background and Achievements. Do not list all the courses and certifications you have done. Just include those which are relevant to the specific job profile. For example, if you are in an interview for the profile of ‘digital marketing’, a certificate or award for Content Marketing, Content writing or Digital Advertising is worth mentioning.

Highlight your Professional training or Work Experience

If you are a fresher, talk about professional training, projects or internships. Highlight the challenges you faced and skills you gained. And if you are an experienced candidate,
pick the most relevant experience and talk how you dealt with challenging situations and handled tight deadlines.

Mention your other Interests

You can also talk about your hobbies. Just make sure to showcase your qualities and personality while mentioning your hobbies. For example, you can say I love playing Cricket.
I have played many tournaments and won many awards as well. It helps me become focused and makes me a better team player.

So now, let me give you a few examples to help you frame your own answer

Example for Fresher

First of all, thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Pradeep Singh and I have completed my B.Tech in Computer Science with an overall CGPA of 7.5 from Pune University.

I did my schooling from CBSE board and scored 85% in 12th class and 75% in 10th standard.

Coming to my family background, my father teaches Hindi at a government school, and my mother is a homemaker. I have a younger brother studying in the 12th standard.

I have a good knowledge of C, Java, Python, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript. In fact, my final year project was based on Java. It required a lot of coding skills and we did it successfully. It taught me many new aspects of coding.

Currently, I am also working to improve my mobile app development skills.  

Along with technical skills, I have good communication skills that I feel are necessary to accomplish daily responsibilities effectively.  

I also have internship experience at XYZ company and gained real-world skills.   

Coming to my other interest, I love playing Cricket and have played many tournaments. I believe, it helps me relieve stress and stay focused.

Example for Experienced

First of all, thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Pradeep Singh. I completed my B.Tech in Computer Science in 2010 from Pune University. In my 10 years of experience, I have worked as a software developer, senior software engineer and team leader. I have acquired experience in all aspects of the software development lifecycle.

Currently, supervising and leading a team of 8 developers who are working on the multiple software projects simultaneously.

I have an excellent ability to read code and suggest changes to make the project error free. I have been recognized consistently for leadership with reputation for innovative and creative problem solving skills.  

I believe, my skills can be valuable to your company.

So, by now you have whole list of ideas that you can start building your own answer around. Just make sure your sentences flow together, fluent and sound natural
as you introduce yourself.