HR Recruiter Interview Questions and Answers Part 3

13. How important is recruitment training?


While recruitment training gives you a base to start with, it also helps you perform better. It develops in you a mindset to:

i. Identify new sourcing methods: Now recruiters are not just using the job portals for getting the right candidate. Social media is has chipped in big time. Recruitment training helps you to find newer ways to source the right candidate.

ii. Understand industry trends: Identifying industry trends helps you to understand which the top industries for placement are.

iii. Use new technology: Training helps you to use new technology effectively. You have the applicant tracking system which speeds up the recruitment process and also creates a good candidate pool.    

14. How would you effectively use Facebook for recruitment?


With the advent of social media, Facebook has become an important platform for recruitment. As a recruiter, you need to make effective use of this channel. Following are certain things to bear in mind:

1. Create a community - You need to regularly maintain the page and keep it up to date. You can post new job opportunities for the job seekers.

2. Keep a track - Of your post, topics and maintain constant messaging so that the audience is engaged. Post useful video content to attract more users.

3. Stay organized - Use an editorial calendar so that you have planned content to post every day.

4. One of the most important contents on your page would be current open positions.

5. Make sure your job postings have a share button so that people can easily send opportunities to their family and friends.

You need to have a good strategy; content and also you need to dedicate time to make use of Facebook for recruitment.

15. Tell us something about yourself.


This is the first question that an interviewer may ask you. This question is a conversation starter.

This seems to be a simple question but make sure you do prepare for this question and answer it effectively to make the best out of it.

For e.g., you can say something like, I possess 3 years of experience as a Recruiter in ABC Consultancy. As a Recruiter, my main focus area was end-to-end recruitment for Advertising and Media domain. Along with job portals, I have effectively used various social media platforms to get excellent candidates for my clients. My other work areas include training of newcomers, maintaining and updating the client details, getting new clients which help to get more business for our company.

I make sure that I understand the job role well. I was able to close all the positions in the given timeline.  

I am detail oriented and focused. I meditate regularly and love to interact with people. I have taken part in several competitions in my current organization.

As you are looking for a recruitment team leader, I believe I have the knowledge and the expertise to work in my full capacity in this area.

16. What are the important skills to be a recruiter?


The most important skills required of a recruiter are:

i. Excellent researching skills
ii. Effective communication skills
iii. Computer Efficiency
iv. Good analytical and interpersonal skills
v. Quick Thinking ability
vi. Self-driven and result oriented
vii. Sharp and focused
viii. Ability to identify people

You can they go on to explain how you possess these skills and back you answer with examples from the real life scenarios.

17. What are your strengths?


This is a very common question. To identify the strength related to the role make a list of your strength as well as the strength of an employee they are hiring for. Now compare both the list and identify the common strengths. This common strength is your strength for this role.

To answer this question you can say something like this: I try not to miss my deadlines. I make sure that, I understand the job requirement well and provide at least 5 good candidates for every new position I am working on. I pay a lot of attention to the client's requirement and do not ignore even the minute thing that the client particularly wants in the candidate.

18. What is your weakness?


Everyone does have one small weakness. When you are telling your interviewer about your weakness also tell him/her how you are improving yourself. This shows that you are self- aware of your flaws and you are working on them.

To answer this you can say something like: I have a difficulty in remembering too many instructions given at a time. To ensure that I don't miss out on any important instruction I make sure I note down all of them in my notepad and do those tasks accordingly.

Although it is still a weakness but hasn't remained too big now and immediately made you look solution driven.