Text Formating Tags in HTML

Text Formating Tags

  • The formatting tags indicate how text can appear in HTML.
  • These tags can make text bold, italic, underlined, superscripted, subscripted and more.
HTML text formatting tags are:

TagDescriptionExample and Output
BoldIt defines bold text.Example:  <b>CareerRide Info</b>
Output: CareerRide Info
ItalicIt defines italic text.Example: <i>TutorialRide.com</i>
Output: TutorialRide.com
UnderlineIt underlines the text.Example: <u>TutorialRide.com</u>
Output: TutorialRide.com
Strike-outIt puts a line right through the center of the text, crossing it out. It shows that the text is old and no longer relevant.Example: <strike>ABC Coperation</strike>
Output: ABC Coperation
SmallIt defines small text.Example: <h4>CareerRide <small>Info</small></h4>

CareerRide Info

Font ColorIt changes the text color.Example: <font color=“#000fff”>TutorialRide.com</font>
Output: TutorialRide.com
EmphasisIt is used to emphasize text, usually it appears in italics but can vary according to your browser.Example: <em>CareerRide Info</em>
Output: CareerRide Info
MarkIt defines marked or highlighted text.Example: <mark>TutorialRide.com</mark>
Output: TutorialRide.com
SubscriptIt defines subscripted text.Example: H<sub>2</sub>O
Output: H2O
SupersciptIt defines superscripted text.Example: E = mc<sup>2</sup>
Output: E = mc2
StrongIt defines strong text. Usually it appears in bold but can vary according to your browser.Example: <strong>CareerRide Info</strong>
Output: CareerRide Info