HRM Online Test Questions Part 2

6. What is Quarter moon lighting?

a. Difficulty in time keeping
b. Part time job during off hours
c. Flexi time in one quarter of year
d. Flexi timing

Answer: b. Part time job during off hours

7. What is an organized group of employees who come together to strengthen their bargaining position called as?

a. Job description
b. Welfare committee
c. Outside union
d. Trade union

Answer: d. Trade union

8. Which of the following is covered under the development function of HRM?

i] Employee Training
ii] Career Development
iii] Organization Development
iv] Policy Development

a. Only i and ii
b. Only ii and ii
c. Only iii and iv
d. All i, ii and iii

Answer: d. All i, ii and iii

9. Performance appraisal helps in identifying the __________.

a. Training needs
b. Promotion policy
c. On the job training
d. Development requirements

Answer: a. Training needs

10. Sensitivity training in _________ is a method of changing behavior through group processes.

a. Committees
b. Group of line managers
c. Organizations
d. Encounter groups

Answer: d. Encounter groups