HRM Online Test Questions Part 4

16. Lay off is temporary dismissal of surplus staff for a maximum of ________ days due to shortage of coal, power etc.

a. 60
b. 30
c. 45
d. 25

Answer: c. 45

17. For which kind of jobs is On-the-job training useful?

i] Jobs which are difficult to simulate
ii] Jobs which can be learned quickly by watching and doing

a. Only i
b. Only ii
c. Both i and ii
d. None of the above

Answer: c. Both i and ii

18. If jobs with same or similar responsibilities are not placed on the same grade & salary scale. What is needed to be done?

a. Job evaluation
b. Job description
c. Job analysis
d. Job specification

Answer: a. Job evaluation

19. The organization prefers people who look for _________ with the company.

a. A long - term association
b. Selection
c. Promotion
d. Training

Answer: a. A long - term association

20. 360 - Degree Appraisal helps in getting a broad assessment of an individual from various sources. Which of the following factors need to be watched here?

i] Individual learning
ii] Organizational learning
iii] Improved Individual behavior
iv] Improved Action planning

a. Both i and ii
b. Both i and iii
c. All i, ii and iii
d. All the above

Answer: c. All i, ii and iii