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HRM Online Test

Take HRM Online Test and evaluate your readiness before you appear for any interview or written test. Consisting of objective type questions from various important concepts of HRM, this test presents you questions followed by four options. The correct answer, explanation, example provided with each question make it easier for you to to understand each concept well.

Who is this HRM Online Test designed for?

All the Human Resource Management (HRM) students and professionals will find this test extremely useful. All freshers, MBA, MSW, Diploma and college students, experienced professionals wanting to make a career in HRM will be highly benefitted by this test.

HRM Online Test topics

This online test covers topics like - Planning, Recruitment and Selection, Training, Performance Appraisal, Job evaluation, Job analysis etc.
1. Which of the following activities constitute HRM?

i] Human Resource Planning
ii] Recruitment and Selection
iii] Job Design
iv] Campus Design

a. Both a and b
b. Both a and d
c. All a, b, and c
d. All the above

Answer: c. All a, b, and c

2. Referring the career development cycle, which stage begins when a new employee joins an organization and finds a big gap to exist between what the organization is and what the ideal organization should actually be?

a. Exploratory stage
b. Idealistic stage
c. Establishment stage
d. Stage of disharmony

Answer: a. Exploratory stage

3. Match the Following

1] Career-need assessmenti] Business groups
2] Profit centersii] Officiating Assignment
3] Individual tested in an alien environmentiii] Facility for self-development
4] Reimbursement of membership fees for joining a professional Bodyiv] Foreign Assignment
v] Responsibility of HRD Managers
vi] Assessment center
a. 1-v, 2-i, 3-iv, 4-iii
b. 1-iii, 2-iv, 3-vi, 4-v
c. 1-iii, 2-i, 3-iv, 4-vi
d. None of the above

Answer: a. 1-v, 2-i, 3-iv, 4-iii

4. Which of the following phases involves generating confidence in the employee to open up and frankly share their perceptions, feeling etc.?

a. Exploration
b. Action Planning
c. Appraisal Discussion
d. Rapport building

Answer: d. Rapport building

5. Which of the following expands the number of related tasks in the job?

a. Job Specification
b. Job Description
c. Job Enlargement
d. Job Analysis

Answer: c. Job Enlargement