How to identify fake online jobs?

A lot of people fall victim to fake online jobs. In this article we share with you some signs that scammers promoting these fake online jobs usually leave out. If you can catch these, you increase your chances of landing a genuine one.

Useful for all students, professionals and housewives too.
No doubt, online jobs are real but so are scams.

To ensure that you pick up a genuine online job, I just thought of putting this article together. Let’s learn to identify some very easy to pick clues that scammers usually leave out for us.

Okay, there are two parts to the problem of fake online jobs:

i.) Fake websites

ii.) Fake jobs which may come to you through Social Media, some genuine looking websites etc.

See, there’s no hard and fast rule here. It is your common sense which helps you identify what’s genuine and what’s fake. However, there are some clues these scamsters usually leave that can help you identify if a job is genuine or not.

i.) Job description not written well

Any employer who is serious about hiring will take the time to write the job description properly, explaining what’s expected in that role.

If you see a job description that is not written well, has got spelling or grammar mistakes, this is your clue no. 1 that this is not a genuine post.

ii.) No eligibility criteria

Now see, for any job to be done properly, the candidate needs to possess some skills and education. If there’s no mention of any qualifications required by the candidates to possess, this is a very very strong clue that the job is fake. All that the, people who have posted this job want is a large number of people to apply. The purpose could be to build their own database or may be find a scapegoat.

iii.) Huge money in a short time or for a very small work

If the job offers you a large sum of money for a very easy task or tries to lure you with a huge amount, it is most likely fake.

Understand that, all of us want to increase our income and this is an emotional tactic that the scamsters are trying to play up on you which targets your temptation to start earning big amount, quickly . Something that looks too good to be true, it most certainly fake. This is a very big red signal for you. Get careful immediately.

iv.) No Interview

The employers who do not make an effort to interview you, discuss the project with you before hiring are certainly fake.

So, if you were not interviewed over the phone or a video call, dump the idea of taking up this job.

These people are just trying to somehow get the candidates in.

You’ll have to put in efforts and hard work to find and get into the genuine online jobs. They don’t come to you on a platter.

And, if it is something coming to you very easily, it is far from being genuine.

v.) Demand for any kind of money

Whether it is the money for registration, security deposit, to buy any training kit or anything else, don’t pay or click on any links that ask you to pay anything.

Employers pay you to work rather than asking money from you.

Some people may ask you to pay money to get your payment released, don’t pay.

This is a big warning sign, leave the discussion immediately.

See, I’m not trying to discourage you by telling all this. My only purpose with this article is to alert you so that you don’t fall a victim to the bad intentions of wrong people.

There are a plenty of genuine online jobs available in the market but finding them and getting them is going to take time. Have the patience and be ready to put in some hard work to find them. Don’t be in a hurry.

Now, let’s discuss certain things that you must check before you agree to take up the job:

i.) E-mail address

If the employer is communicating with you through an email, see if the emails are coming from an official domain or a generic domain. So, for example, if I communicate with you, I should communicate with you through an email address like rather than a gmail or yahoo address.

ii.) Also see, how well written the emails are. Spellings, grammar, formatting everything is important. A badly written or poorly formatted email is a clue again.

iii.) Do they have a website and presence on social media?

Most of the genuine businesses should have them.

Checking them will allow you to see what kind of work they have done in the past. Also check the About Us section to see if you are able to find a postal address and telephone number.

No company information, no contact details, again a warning sign.

iv.) Is there a face to the name you are speaking to?

Check again on Social Media. Are you able to find the person you are speaking to on Social Media? Most of the genuine professionals would be available there.

v.) Work schedule/ guidelines

Let me tell you, online jobs are also like the real office ones where you have to follow a schedule and guideline to do the work. All the genuine online jobs will need you to follow some guidelines.

Keep your eyes open even after starting. See, if you have got the guidelines and schedules to follow or not. If not, get alert and ask them.

Again, this is the age of Internet, real and genuine online jobs do exist but they don’t come to you served on a platter. Finding a genuine online job is as tough as finding a real office job. You’ll have to do your due diligence to get them. And, if you use your common sense, you’ll most certainly find one for yourself.