8 In demand jobs for 2020 and beyond

8 In demand jobs for 2020 and beyond – High demand jobs for future.
A lot of you are worried that technological advancements may take away all our jobs. So, the first thing that I want to tell you is, the technological advancements won’t eat up our jobs. It is true that some jobs will get obsolete but the new types of jobs are definitely showing up and will keep showing up in future too.

This is a change that will keep happening. All it needs from you is to be creative and keep updating your skills.

The jobs that we are going to discuss today definitely have a bright future in the years to come.

If you are a recent pass out from the college or even if you are working currently and want a growth in your career, read on!

So, the first job that appears in the list is:

i. Data Scientists

We have generated a lot of data since last 15-20 years i.e. since the time computers came into use. Now, with this huge amount of data, all the industries need professionals who can make business sense out of it so that they can plan their new products, sales and customer service strategies etc.

To be a data scientist your need a degree in fields like computer science,  mathematics, statistics, physics, economics etc.

ii. Jobs related to computers and mathematics

The way technological advancements are taking place and mobile phones and Internet are penetrating the market, the demand for computer professionals is going to rise further. These professionals would include Software Developers, App Developers, Security and Networking professionals etc.

Similarly, a degree in mathematics will open the door for you to many fields like Research, Computers, Insurance, Finance, Banking etc.

The demand for the professionals from both these backgrounds is definitely going to grow not just in 2020 but for many years beyond that also.

So, these are definitely the areas you can target for a good career.

Now, see guys, I have seen many candidates who feel that I have this degree, I paid so much fees to the college, so I should get this particular job and this much salary. But, it doesn’t work like that in the real world.

You’ll see two people with same degree at two very different levels in the industry. The difference is not just in their skills but also in their attitude and approach. And, this is what sets them apart from each other.

So, if you want to get a good position and a good salary, work on making yourself a deserving candidate. Success will definitely come to you.

iii.) Management Jobs

We are seeing a lot of new companies coming into business every year. And, to run the business, there will be a continuous demand for good management professionals at all levels.

Infact, the need for implementing new technologies will also rising need experienced managers who can anticipate the impact it’ll have on business and the right way to put it in place. This will need the senior and mid-level managers to possess a good understanding of technology.

The changing markets will also need the managers to be more result focused, emotionally intelligent and possess an ability to judge the candidates based on the soft skills required to succeed in that kind of market.

iv.) Medical and Healthcare jobs

When I say medical and healthcare, I don’t mean just the doctors. I also mean the Nurse practitioners, Registered Nurses, Health services manager and Home healthcare aid.
With the increasing life span and ageing population, there will be a constant increase in the need for these professionals.

So, if you are attracted towards healthcare and medicine as a career but don’t want to be a doctor, consider these other areas as well for a bright career.

v.) Engineering jobs

Engineering jobs are also going to keep flourishing in 2020 and years to come. In addition to our regular engineering streams the year 2020 and beyond will see an increase in demand for professionals specializing in fields like AI, Robotics, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Petroleum, Electronics etc.

Infact, the growing infrastructural needs will also see a rise in demand for Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Architects etc.

Then, as we have already discussed in our video on skills required for future market, creativity will be one of the most sought-after skills. And, creative people will see a bright career as Product designers, developing gadgets, appliances, new machines etc.

vi.) Specialized Sales & marketing and HRJobs - The way this world is moving towards Digitization, the need for sales and marketing people who can make use of technology and mobile phones to reach their potential buyers is going to be high.
So, if you specialize in sales and marketing, it is important to be sound in operating digitally. And, you’ll see a good rise in your career.

As for the HR professionals, the opportunities for you are also going to increase in the years to come.

The technological advancements will need the companies to hire relevant talent and re-skill their existing workforce to work with new development and in the new environment. Both of these things will make the HR professionals the back bone of the companies.

vii.) FinTech jobs
With the increasing ways of dealing with money online, the FinTech companies are continuously emerging. If you are a technical person with a good domain knowledge of Finance, these jobs are going to flourish and can get you a good rise in your career.  

viii. Legal compliance jobs

Now, we are seeing the use of technology in almost every single sector and aspect of our life. But, the implementation of this technology also has a legal side to it. This means that before you are able to provide any digital or online service, you have to ensure that you have taken care of all legal aspects and everything you are doing complies with the government regulations.

These things are usually taken care of by legal professionals for their employers. So, if you are a law graduate, you can find yourself a place in all good companies whether they provide a service or develop a product.

There’s no doubt that the future holds a lot of promises for a bright career. The only requirement is to be in the right profession.