Industrial Relations and Labour Laws Test Part 5

21. The conciliation procedure should be ______.

a. Slow but free of charge
b. Clear
c. Expeditious and free of charge
d. Proper

Answer: c. Expeditious and free of charge

22. What does ILO stand for?

a. International Labour Office
b. Industrial Law Office
c. International Labour Organization
d. None of the above

Answer: c. International Labour Organization

23. As per the wages act, which of the following are not included in "Establishment"?

i] Tramway service, motor transport service engaged in carrying passengers or goods, transport service in dock, wharf or jetty, mine, quarry, oil field, plantation etc.
ii] Shops
iii] Farming
iv] Agriculture

a. i and iv
b. i, iii and iv
c. iii and iv
d. All the above

Answer: c. iii and iv

24. What is the full form of DPG _____.

a. Directorate of Public Gatherings
b. Directorate of Policy & Grievances
c. Directorate of Public Grievance
d. Directorate of Police General

Answer: c. Directorate of public grievance