How to find International Buyers for your Export Business?

Finding international buyers is one of the biggest challenges for exporters. Learn 5 ways to find these genuine buyers. Also find what products other countries export and the opportunities they bring to you.
Well, before we begin, here’s some good news for all the people who are thinking of getting into exports business.

The current share of India in global trade is less than 5%. You may wonder, how is it a good news? Well, doesn’t this mean that the 95% share that someone else holds at the moment is our opportunity? & Isn’t this an opportunity worth considering? To my understanding, it is an enormous opportunity that we must work upon.

Let us look at some ways using which you can find some international buyers for your products. And, before we actually dive into them, let me tell you, any business has to have two parties to work. So s much as you are looking for buyers, the buyers are looking out for good suppliers too! It is only with good products that they can make their profits.

And, all those who discourage you from entering into the business are the ones who have not or do not want to take an organized approach.

Just know that like any other business, exports business also take time to build up and grow. Don’t expect any miracles to happen. Desperation is killer number in this business because it’ll either make you quit after some halfhearted efforts or will make you fall a victim to some fraudsters.

Some tips to build up an Exports business:

i.) Know your product well before you try to find the buyers. Know which type of market will accept your products. Otherwise, you would send samples only to know that they have been rejected.

ii.) Fraudsters do exist in this market. Doing a background check is your responsibility. Yes, even if you have taken an ECGC. One way to find out about the background of your buyers is to contact the Indian Embassy in that country and ask them about the buyer’s reputation, before you send the consignment

iii.) Let us not run after the same product and overcrowd the market. Try to find out what other countries are exporting. All those products are your opportunities. And, many of you may already have that product with you. These details can be found from

Find what China or any other country exports to The USA, for example.

Let's take a look at how you can get leads:

1. Set up a small website:  

Take advantage of SEO. All you'd have to do is create a simple website with your contact details. And, as your potential clients look out for exporters online, your website will inform them about the type of business you are into.

Well, I did say in the beginning, the clients too are looking out for you.

2. Use Social Media:

You would have to keep your social media accounts updated such as your Instagram, Facebook as they are also very powerful sources to attract new clients.

3. Connect with friends/ relatives/ co-workers  in foreign countries:  

Your contacts in other countries can be another source of clients. Since they are know to you, you can trust them more. If they are interested, send them the products and they can sell the products there.

If not, they may be able to introduce you to some people.

4. Be active in Export Development bodies & Promotional Councils:

If you enter the market with any product, you would find an export promotion body working on it. You should become a member of this body and seek active help from them.