Best IT jobs with no coding skills

Find out the best IT jobs that don’t require coding or software programming skills. These non-coding jobs for computer science graduates and MCA students are available at all big companies like Google, Amazon etc.

The video will be useful for all parents, students and professionals.
Whenever we meet our young friends at the colleges, there’s very common question that we face and it is :

"I did my Engineering in computer science or MCA but I’m not interested in software development or coding jobs. What should I do?"

If you or your children have a similar doubt, we have got some answers for you. The IT Jobs discussed below don’t need you to be coder but give you all the growth you desire in your career like an IT professional.

Let’s begin!

The first job that we have here is :

i.) UI/UX Designers/Mobile Designers - These are more of creative positions that need you to design the Interface for the product or website so that your users can use and navigate through your product, website or service easily on computers and mobile phones.

In big companies UI Designer, UX Designer  and Mobile Phone Interface Designer may be three different positions but in many small companies, there may be just one person doing all the three things.

The position doesn’t need you to code. All it needs is the knowledge of designing software, creativity and an ability to connect with your users through your designs.

If you talk about the requirement and salaries- Every business is trying to be present online which shows an increasing demand for these professionals. The salary at the base level starts from approximately 4.5 lacs and with experience of 7-8 can even go up to 15- 18 lacs, depending upon the employer, product and technology you work on.

ii.) Database Administrators/ Managers - These are the people who manage, maintain and secure the database of a company. They are even involved in procurement of any new database software. They need to possess database management skills and may be required to query the data but it is not like writing the complete software code.

As a Database administrator you are expected to possess good problem solving skills, analytical skills along with good communication skills and attention to detail.

Data is a very precious possession for any company and the salaries paid in this domain are also decent. They start from approximately 4 - 4.5 lac and increase with experience.

It is important to understand that your salary in any position depends on a lot of factors and it is difficult to say with precision that this is the amount you’ll get.

As I always say, before you take up a career, see the growth potential because salary can increase with skills and experience. What’s important is how much can you grow in this career and have a strategy to achieve that.

iii.) Data Analysts - We have heard a lot about this position in a last few years. The companies wanting to launch new products, get new services or design business strategies want the data they have collected over the years to be analyzed and presented in the form of easy to understand reports.

This is one of the very well-paid jobs at the moment and the future is going to be more about data analysis, so the prospects are also good.

This position needs you to be really good at mathematics and problem solving along with an analytical mind.

This position doesn’t need you to know software programming language but you have to be good at one of the statistical programming languages like R or Python which are both OpenSource, easy to learn and use.

iv.) Web and Social Media Analytics Professionals - This is another interesting position that the businesses with an online presence need to have.

When the business is not too big, it is possible that the Digital Marketing people are assigned this responsibility. But,big companies usually have separate positions for this role.

While Web Analysis and Social Media Analysis may look similar, I must tell you that these are two different things.

Web Analytics tries to find, how users are interacting with your website, where they are coming from, how many of them go back, what do they do at your website etc. All this study helps you take the actions to improve your website and hence the earnings.

On the other hand Social Media Analytics help you how your Social Media posts are performing. They help you understand the sentiments of users, the reach of your posts, any feedback or suggestions they may have. The basic purpose is to reach the potential viewers and connect with their sentiments.

And, the way Internet and Social Media are penetrating the market, both these are the positions that are going to stay.

v.) Computer System Analysts - These are technical people who study various technologies and see implementing which of them will help in taking their company in the desired direction. They work closely with the management.

These people need good understanding of technology, strong analytical and problem solving skills coupled with good communication skills. So, those of you who have an understanding of technology but don’t want to get into coding, can think of picking up this career.  

vi.) Security Specialists - Now with the type of computer usage we are witnessing in every sector, the cyber crimes are also on a rise. To prevent these, companies hire Cyber Security and Information Security experts.

To be successful in these domains, you should be passionate about continuously learning new things that come in the market.

Advancement is the essence of technology and being in this position needs you to be able to deal with the new problems head-on.

The salaries are the base level are around 3-4 lacs because of the lack of experience but with experience these professionals earn some very handsome salaries in the market. As for the demand, it’ll keep growing in the years to come.

In smaller companies, the system administrators or networking professionals may be entrusted with these responsibilities but in bigger companies, you’ll find specialized positions for these professionals.

vii.) Software Testing and Technical Support - Now, these are two other technical professions in which you are not required to code a software. They have been around for many years now so, I believe, I don’t need to talk in much detail about them.

Some other such professions that have been in the market also include system administrators, networking professionals etc.

viii.) Growth Hackers - Now, this is a position that we have started hearing of only in a last few years. A growth hacker is a professionals who creates low-cost strategies to acquire new customers. Sometimes they are also called as marketers but actually anyone be it a product manager or a technical person who understands the product well can be a growth hacker.

The people wanting to take up this profession can be simple graduates, engineers or MBAs. The salaries in this profession range from 3.5 lacs at the beginning to approximately 15 lacs per annum with experience.

Another profession which is in high demand, here to stay and earns you good sum of money.

ix.) Technical Writers - Now see there are different kind of writing assignments available in the market and a lot of non-technical writers are also doing technical writing assignments. But, these people can do some very simple kind of assignment.

If you have a coding knowledge, you can pick up advance technical writing assignments also where you work with the team working on product’s architecture etc.

And, trust me, I have been in this industry for quite some years, there’s a dearth of good writers in the market probably because not many people want to and are able to do this job.

If you can be a good technical writer, you can really make some good money.

x.) Technical recruitment and Marketing - It may look like anyone can do the recruitment job equally good. It is true that a lot of non-technical people also do his job, but when technical people get into this job, they pick it up faster and are able to adapt themselves easily with the technological advancements. So, if you have a technical background but are not interested in a coding job, this is another profession you can pick up.

The same thing applied to technical marketing and sales jobs as well because when people who are technically sound get into the selling profession, they are able to close the deals faster because they can handle the objections and queries better and provide instant solutions based on their technical understanding.

The opportunities for non-programming people in IT industry are also enormous. You just need to find the right one for yourself!