Implement methods of wrapper class - Java

Q. Write a program to implement different methods of wrapper class.


Wrapper Class:
Wrapper class allows primitive data types to be accessed as object and object as a primitive data type.

class WrapperTest
        public static void main (String args[])
                Integer Obj1 = new Integer (44);  
                Integer Obj2 = new Integer ("44");  
                Integer Obj3 = new Integer (55);  
                //compareTo() method
                System.out.println("Using compareTo() Obj1 and Obj2: " + Obj1.compareTo(Obj2));  
                System.out.println("Using compareTo() Obj1 and Obj3: " + Obj1.compareTo(Obj3));  

                //Equals() method
                System.out.println("Using equals() Obj1 and Obj2: " + Obj1.equals(Obj2));  
                System.out.println("Using equals() Obj1 and Obj3: " + Obj1.equals(Obj3));  
                Float f1 = new Float("10.25f");  
                Float f2 = new Float("12.63f");  
                Float f3 = new Float(10.25f);  
                System.out.println("Using compare() f1 and f2: ",f2));  
                System.out.println("Using compare() f1 and f3: ",f3));  
                //Addition of Integer with Float  
                Float f = Obj1.floatValue() + f1;  
                System.out.println("Addition of intObj1 and f1: "+ Obj1 +"+" +f1+"=" +f );  
                Integer int1 = Integer.valueOf("12345");  
                //Converting from binary to decimal  
                Integer int2 = Integer.valueOf("101011", 2);  
                //Converting from hexadecimal to decimal  
                Integer int3 = Integer.valueOf("D", 16);  
                System.out.println("Value of int1 Object: "+ int1);  
                System.out.println("Value of int2 Object: "+ int2);  
                System.out.println("Value of int3 Object: "+ int3);  
                System.out.println("Hex value of int1: " + Integer.toHexString(int1));    
                System.out.println("Binary Value of int2: "+ Integer.toBinaryString(int2));


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