Key Account Manager Interview Questions Part 2

7. What metrics do you use to measure the performance of a Key Account Manager?


Metrics help to understand how your relationship with the client is and if your performance is improving.

Here are some of the metrics used by the Key Account Managers:

i.) Customer's Growth: The key account managers need to grow customer's earnings in the long run rather than just maintaining them.

ii.) Referrals from existing clients: If your client recommends your service to their friends, you are doing a good job.

iii.) Customer Satisfaction Score: This score is one of the important tools to measure customer satisfaction and the performance of the key account managers. You can see which key account manager scored the highest in these surveys and what is it that they are doing right. Surveys can be done on phone, email, etc.

iv.) Customer interaction: The key account managers need to be in constant contact with the customers. The time they have spent interacting with the customer about their needs, problems and solutions can be a good measure of this.

v.) Continuous outcomes: You will get to see the progress the key account managers have made in helping the clients achieve success constantly.

8. How would you know if you are successful as a key account manager?


If your performance is good you will be rewarded well. You might receive a word of appreciation from seniors along with delighted clients.

Here are a few things that show that you are doing a good job as a Key Account Manager:

i.) Referrals from your existing clients
ii.) Proactive renewal of contract
iii.) Recognition and awards
iv.) Advice on other areas
v.) Your co-workers ask for your advice
vi.) Giving creative solution

9. How would you build a strong relationship with your clients?

Here are a few things which you need to keep in mind while building a relationship with your clients:

i.) Be patient with your new clients.
ii.) Try to know more about the client's company and their industry.
iii.) Treat every client as important.Provide them with the best service irrespective of the size of the company.
iv.) Always respond to the client promptly. If you don't have the answer ready, at least acknowledge the email.
v.) Use other modes of communication such as a phone call, face to face meeting as well.
vi.) Always summarize the next steps after every meeting.

10. What do you think is the importance of SWOT Analysis for key account managers?


SWOT Analysis helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on the opportunities and threats. It is a powerful tool which helps you to evaluate their position in the market and to help them formulate plans to work on their threats and opportunities. It helps the account managers to prepare their own strategy by keeping in mind their strengths.

11. What things do you need to keep in mind while developing an effective account strategy?

You need to have a proper plan to build a collaborative and corporative strategy with your customers. Here are a few things to bear in mind:

i. Choose the right account and work on them. Prepare a scorecard for each account and check their progress.
ii. Communicate in a way that the mutual goals are met.
iii. Understand your customer's strategy and see how they measure success.
iv. Utilize everyone in the team. Make sure they not only provide their opinion in meetings but work together.
v. Ensure that you are credited for the value you have delivered. When the clients are aware of your value, they start referring you.

12. What are some important things, you'll bear in mind as a Key account manager?

Here are a few things which a Key Account Manager must remember all the time:

i.) Building relationship as a whole
ii.) Be the primary point of contact
iii.) Understand your client
iv.) Learn to be proactive: Do not wait for the client to come to you with a problem or issue. Check with them if they are satisfied.
v.) Keep your word
vi.) Prepare an action plan and look into future
vii.) Provide customized service