Librarian Interview Questions and Answers Part 2

9. How do you ensure that your library is continuously equipped with the latest books in the market?


A good library is equipped with all the latest books and versions on targeted domain. This needs the librarian to be updated with the latest books and manage their library in a way that it has room for all these new additions.

To answer this question you can say something like: "I talk to the readers regularly to understand their requirements and taste. I also use various collection development tools. I keep a tab on the books that are constantly updated and ensure that we have its latest version on time."

10. How do you ensure discipline in your library?


A library is a place where one comes in search of a useful resources. Maintaining the discipline in library is one of the important duties of the librarian. They need to prepare general rules of conduct and see to it that they are followed. Some of the common ones being - talking is not permitted; use of mobile phones and other equipment is prohibited. The librarian also needs to see that the readers use the books and furniture carefully, etc.

To answer this question you can say: "I always try to maintain strict silence in the library. I make it a point to let the readers know that indiscipline may lead to disciplinary action and that their library privileges will be withdrawn. I ensure that I have put up behavioral procedures in place and the readers are aware of them."

11. Which books do you like to read?


A librarian is expected to possess intellectual qualities. In your answer to this question, you can tell the interviewer, the type of book find interesting and why. If there's a particular author you like to read or a specific domain, you can talk about them. Talk about some qualities of that particular author which attract you.

A sample answer to this question could be something like: "I really like to read the spiritual books written by XYZ. The books on spirituality have really helped me in finding my purpose on this earth and dealing with different kinds of situations. I like this particular author because he/ she explains things very effortlessly. The examples quoted make you build an immediate connect with them and find a solution."

12. As a librarian, how will you promote reading?


Promoting reading is one of the important tasks to be taken care of by a librarian. He/she should be able to create an environment where the readers feel the need to get more and more information through reading. While answering this question you can talk about your ideas.

You can say something like: "You will design special programs or events. You will invite famous book authors, or organize summer reading programs for children, or organize a book fair."

Basically, it is your creative juices that you need to put into action to think differently, perform this task and answer this questions

13. Tell me something about yourself.


This question is an opportunity to give yourself a good start at the interview. Talk about your work history, achievements, affiliations, hobbies, interests that make you a suitable candidate for this position.

A sample answer to this question can be something like, I have been working with ABC International School as a librarian for the past 7 years. As a librarian, my main focus is to encourage learning and reading among school students. I ensure that students inculcate the habit of reading and learn a useful lesson for life.

It gives me a lot of satisfaction that I get the opportunity to help students find the required information. It also makes me happy to know that students who were not interested in reading have developed a healthy habit of reading on regular basis.

As a librarian, I am very fond of reading and I love to read the books authored by XYZ. His books deal with XYZ subject and teach us to look at situations differently. To keep myself updated I read the current affairs section of the newspaper regularly.

I practice yoga and meditate to keep myself calm. I have the habit of keeping things organized which helps me immensely in my work.

Since you are looking for a librarian, I believe that I'm a good candidate for the job with required knowledge and skills.

14. What is your weakness?


This is one of the most common questions the interviewer may ask you. The interviewer would like to know if you acknowledge your weaknesses and are you trying to improve upon them.

To answer this question you can say something like: "I am not good with numbers and calculations. But I have started using Microsoft Excel and I love working with data in spreadsheets. It keeps my work well organized and neat and also does not make any calculation mistakes."

15. What is your strength?


Your strength should be something that is related to the position you have applied for; the interviewer is more interested in it for obvious reasons. To answer this question effectively, you need to compare your strengths with the strengths required for this position. Whatever you get in common, are your strengths for the role you have applied for.

A sample answer could be something like: "I am very focused and organized. I pay a lot of attention to the readers and their requirement. I ensure that they get the resource on time and fulfill their desire to get accurate information."