Group Discussion on Leadership

Leadership, at work or in nation building, is an important attribute for development. It is the leader than determines the path that the whole team shall tread. Group Discussion on Leadership has always been a favourite among the employers and selection panel.

In this GD guide on Leadership, we have covered some important facts, quotes, and interesting topics to help you with GD on topics related to leadership.

Some facts:

  • Organisations spend more money on developing leadership than any other training and yet there are complaints of lack of efficient leaders to lead the company.
  • Most famous world leaders have one thing in common - they read ravenously. It is found that CEOs of Fortune 500 companies read an average of four to five books a month.
  • 53% people at an organisation dream about being the leader or being at the senior most executive position.
  • Financial gain is the last thing people expect for a leader. All they expect from him are high morals and right decisions for the benefits of the organisation.
  • 25% people in an organisation describe their leadership skills as strong; the rest just want the power and position.

Group discussion topics on Leadership:

1. Leader or follower - What would you want to be?
2. Are women better leaders than men?
3. Born to lead or learnt to lead - what do you believe in?
4. Politicians need to be more qualified to lead the nation.
5. Educational qualification matters more in a leader than political experience.
6. Are dictators better leaders than democrats?
7. A compassionate leader or a strict leader - who would you prefer to work under?
8. Was Obama a better leader than Trump?
9. India needs to designate the right leader to the right department.
10. Important attributes of a great leader.
11. Key mistakes to avoid in order to be a good leader.
12. A leader with an attitude or with gratitude - who would you choose?
13. Dominance leadership - Pros and Cons
14. Leadership is a journey, not a destination where you reach and relax.
15. We need true leadership to support the climate change cause.
16. Excellent leadership skills - Nature or Nurture?

Some quotes that can be used in Group Discussions on Leadership:

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
- John Quincy Adams

"The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things."
- Ronald Reagan

Born to lead:

1. Attributes: You are born with the nature and situations only bring that out in you. It is not just the ability to do great things but also the ability to make others do great things.

2. History says so: It has been seen that all world great leaders have shown extraordinary confidence and courage right from the beginning.

3. Gifted: Psychologists attest to the fact that some people are gifted with the skills that are required for leading.

4. Goodness comes naturally to some: You can achieve great knowledge and wealth but leadership needs innate goodness which only comes if you are born with it.

Learnt to lead:

1. Anything is possible: One doesn't have to be born good in order to live a life of example for others. People change. They can become great leader much later in life.

2. Practice and knowledge: Vast knowledge and expertise is attained, not born into someone. If one practices the art of leading, they can be a great leader indeed.

3. Determination: If you are determined to lead people, you will get the opportunity. It all depends on how we utilise the opportunity.

4. Learning skills: Leadership skills can be learnt, practiced and implemented, making someone a good leader in the long run.


Some people are born with traits of leadership; others learn these traits and some have leadership thrust upon them. In either of the situations, it is upon the person to know and utilise these skills in a way that helps other people too.

We hope that you found this GD guide on Leadership useful.