MIS Online Test Questions Part 3

11. Match the Following

1] Transaction Processingi] Personnel recruitment policies
2] Operational Control reportsii] Formulation of objectives
3] Management Control allocationiii] Retirement policies
4] Strategic Planningiv] Scheduling to activities and performance
v] Order processing
vi] Formulation of budgets and resource
a. 1-v, 2-iv, 3-vi, 4-ii
b. 1-iv, 2-v, 3-ii, 4-vi
c. 1-iv, 2-v, 3-ii, 4-i
d. None of the above

Answer: a. 1-v, 2-iv, 3-vi, 4-ii

12. Transaction processing is relevant for reasons like

i] Informational
ii] Action
iii] Investigational
iv] Managerial

a. i, iii and iv
b. i, ii and iv
c. i and iii
d. None of the above

Answer: b. i, ii and iv

13. What are the information inputs for OAS?

a. Documents, schedules
b. Summary transaction data, high volume data; simple models
c. Design specifications, knowledge base
d. Low volume data, analytic models

Answer: a. Documents, schedules

14. The service function essentially is ________ interaction.

a. System
b. Organizational
c. Machine
d. Human

Answer: b. Organizational

15. The Herbert Simon Model provides the core of -

a. Real time Process
b. Design Process
c. Decision Making Process
d. Information Rendering Process

Answer: c. Decision Making Process