Marketing Management Test Questions Part 2

6. Brands have to keep updating their _________ overtime vis a vis newer and stronger competitors.

a. Unique Selling Proposition
b. Point of Differentiation
c. Consumer research
d. Repositioning

Answer: b. Point of Differentiation

7. What can a firm do to expand the market?

i] Updated database
ii] Prompt more usage of the existing product
iii] Ensure no demand in replacement market
iv] Promote more occasions of usage

a. Only ii and iii
b. Only ii and iv
c. All i, ii and iv
d. All the above

Answer: c. All i, ii and iv

8. Interest rates and ______ have a direct impact in the financial services industry.

a. Principal availability
b. Interest availability
c. Debit availability
d. Credit availability

Answer: d. Credit availability

9. What do you call the goods that are bought in a hurry or in a crisis situation without much thinking or evaluation?

a. Emergency goods
b. Convenience goods
c. Impulse goods
d. Speciality goods

Answer: b. Convenience goods

10. ________ denotes that services are produced and consumed simultaneously

a. Inseparability
b. Perishability
c. Variability
d. Reliability

Answer: b. Perishability