Marketing Management Test Questions Part 5

21. Which factor affects the internal communication gap?

a. Same policies & procedures across branches
b. Over Promising in advertising & personal
c. Adequate communication between sales & operation staff
d. What has been promised & what has been delivered

Answer: b. Over Promising in advertising & personal

22. A ______ consists of similar products or products with a certain category.

a. Product line
b. Product length
c. Product width
d. Product depth

Answer: c. Product width

23. Indirect channels of distribution are used for which types of goods?

a. Emergency goods
b. Luxury goods
c. Impulse goods
d. Convenience goods

Answer: a. Emergency goods

24. Which are the levels at which the customers expectations exist?

i] Desired Service
ii] Adequate service
iii] Multiple service
iv] Tangible Service

a. Only i and ii
b. Only ii and iii
c. All ii, iii, iv
d. All i, ii and iii

Answer: d. All i, ii and iii

25. Meetings needs ____

a. Accountability
b. Support
c. Agenda
d. Participants

Answer: c. Agenda