Medical Representative Interview Questions

Medical Representative Interview Questions and Answers

This section covers commonly asked and expert level Medical Representative Interview questions and answers. You can find conceptual, general, behavioral and experience based questions along with interesting examples and sample answers.

Who are these Medical Representative Interview Questions useful for?

Also called as Pharma Marketing or Medico-marketing, this domain needs some conceptual and general questions to crack the interview. The questions presented here will be highly useful to all the freshers and experienced candidates aspiring for a job in a Pharmaceutical companies.

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1. What is Pharma Marketing? What are the ways through which pharma marketing is done?


Pharma Marketing or Pharmaceutical Marketing deals with advertising and promoting the pharmaceutical drugs with an intention to increase sales. In some countries, it is also known as medico-marketing.

Some of the ways of pharma marketing are:

i. Providing free samples.
ii. Pharmaceutical representatives promoting drugs directly to the doctors.
iii. Direct advertising of the drug to the user.
iv. Detailing to hospitals.
v. Journal Ads.

2. What is Pharmaceutical Detailing?


Pharmaceutical detailing is a marketing technique in which the pharmaceutical companies take up activities to inform and educate the doctors about their drug. With this, they try to influence and convince the doctors to prescribe their drug more often.

3. Tell us something about yourself.


Usually the first question at every interviewer, this is a conversation starter. Take it as an opportunity to tell the interviewer why you are the best candidate for this job.

Though an easy question at the first look but a tough one to handle if you are not well prepared. To answer this question, tell the interviewer about your experience, accomplishments and achievements or anything that makes you a good candidate for this role.

Just ensure that your answer is short and relevant to the position.

While interviewing for the role of Medical Representative, you can say something like:

I possess 3 years of work experience as a Medical Representative in ABC Pharmaceuticals Limited. I specialize in drugs related to diabetes and its associated complications. As a Medical Representative, my job is to inform and educate the diabetologists in West Maharashtra & convince them to prescribe our medicines.  Also, I need to ensure that the product is available with the local pharmacies, stockists and wholesalers.

I'm quite well versed with the interior areas of this region. Out of all the diabetologists in West Maharashtra, 75% prescribe our drugs.  

I also work closely with the marketing team to aid them with the development of promotion material, literature and organizing various kinds of events like conferences etc.

I have an education background in science followed by a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy. I possess effective communication, presentation and interpersonal skills. To keep myself updated with the latest developments in the medical world, I like to read journals like "XYZ".

I believe, with the experience and knowledge I have gained, I am a good fit to lead your team of Medical Representatives taking care of Diabetes range of drugs.

4. How is a Medical Representative different from other Sales Executives?


While the Medical Representatives and other Sales Executives share many similar qualities like communication skills, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, what make them different is the domain knowledge they need to possess.

Since the Medical Representative deal with drugs, they need to be well aware of how does a particular molecule work and help, how is it better than others. They should be able to discuss the medical conditions and their solutions with their drugs with the doctor.

The MR's actually educate and convince the doctor to prescribe their medicines rather than selling the medicine directly.

5. What is the most difficult and challenging task of a Medical Representative?


The most difficult tasks for a Medical Representative is to convince the doctors to break from old brands and try the new one. Once they have seen the results from a brand, they don't want to take chances with their patients.

So, you need to tell the interviewer, how you actually overcome this problem.

To answer this question you can say something like: The most challenging task for us is to convince the doctors to prescribe the new medicine to their patients. It's actually very difficult to get the doctor switch from a drug that he is comfortable with.

I like to go to doctors with complete literature about the drug and show them the scientific proofs. Before, I'm able to do this, I myself study the new drug and find out how it is better than competitor's drug.  I then ask the doctors to try it with some patients in a monitored way and see the results for themselves.

6. If you were hiring for this position, what skills and qualities would you look for in a Medical Representative?


With this question, the interviewer expects to find out if you are aware of the skills and qualities required to perform this role effectively & do you possess them yourself.

Some of the important qualities and skills required to be a Medical Representative are:

i. Excellent Product knowledge
ii. Excellent Communication skills
iii. Good Networking and Research skills
iv. Positive attitude
v. A high level of energy

After telling them about the required qualities, you can go on to add, "I do possess these qualities and can discharge my duties very effectively, if I'm offered this role."

Ensure that you do have the examples ready to justify your claims because the next question could be, "Tell me about an incidence when you compared the competitor's product and your product to convince the doctor."

7. How will you approach a doctor?


Before approaching a doctor, it is important to be fully aware of the drug and medicine you are taking to him. Some of the very important things to know are how it works, what are the side effects, how is it better than the competitor's product etc.

Take an appointment and see the doctor with all the required material about the product like clinical trial results, case studies, study of competitor's product, any other important literature about the product, power point presentation and samples (if required and allowed).

Before you see the doctor, it is extremely important that you visit the local stockist, wholeseller and retailer to see how your products are being prescribed at the moment. What is the potential of the area? How many competitor's products are being sold in that market? What is the prescription rate for them?

Based on all this study see the doctor and convince them to prescribe your product.  

Once you have introduced your product to the doctor maintain a constant communication with them to ensure that you can maximize your sales through them.