Alligation or Mixture - Aptitude Questions and Answers

Alligation or Mixture Questions and Answers

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1. A shopkeeper mixes two varieties of pulses with price Rs 420/ Kg and Rs 520/ Kg. The price of the mixture he gets is Rs 480/ Kg. Find the ratio of quantities of the two types of pulses to be mixed?

a. 2:3
b. 2:1
c. 1:3
d. 4:1

Answer: a. 2:3


alligation mixture

Ratio of Quantities = 40 : 60 = 2:3

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2. While creating the fragrance mix, a shopkeeper mixes some amount of Jasmine essence with 240 litres water. The price of the mixture is Rs. 275/ litre. The price of Jasmine essence is Rs 325/ litre. What is the quantity of Jasmine essence in the mix?

a. 720 litres
b. 1000 litres
c. 1200 litres
d. 1320 litres

Answer: d. 1320 litres


alligation mixture

Water is free so its price is Rs. 0
Ratio of Water to Essence = 50:275 = 2:11
Water is 2 parts. Hence, 2 parts of water = 240litres.
So 11 parts of essence = ?

∴ ? =11 x 240= 1320 litres

3. An 80L solution of alcohol and water has 45% alcohol in it. If you want the mixture to be 75% alcohol, how much alcohol would you add to it?

a. 30 litres
b. 75 litres
c. 96 litres
d. 110 litres

Answer: c. 96 litres


Current alcohol quantity =45x 80 = 36 Litres
Let A be alcohol added.
So, 36 + A =75x (80+A)
∴ A = 96 Litres = This is the additional quantity of alcohol to be added.

4. A vessel contains 40 litres of orange juice. 4 litres of orange juice in the vessel was replaced by water. This process was again repeated twice with the mixture. How much orange juice is there in the final mix?

a. 28 litre
b. 29.16 litre
c. 32 litre
d. 32.29 litre

Answer: b. 29.16 litre


First 4L orange juice was removed
So now in 40L mixture there is 40 - 4 = 36 litres orange juice and 4 litres water
Now, remove 4L mixture. While doing this proportionate amount of juice and water gets removed.

Amount of juice removed = 4 xJuice quantity= 4 x36= 3.6 Litres
Mixture quantity40
Orange Juice remaining = 36-3.6 = 32.4 Litres
Again 4L mixture removed
Amount of juice removed = 4 xJuice quantity= 4 x32.4= 3.24 Litres
Mixture quantity40
Juice remaining = 32.4-3.24 = 29.16 Litres

5. In a mixture, sugar and jaggery granules are in the ratio 5:3. My mother empties a 16 kg jaggery granules’ bag in this mixture and the new ratio of sugar and jaggery granules becomes 5:7. Find the quantity of jaggery granules in the new mixture?

a. 21 kg
b. 28 kg
c. 35 kg
d. 42 kg

Answer: b. 28 kg


If common factor is K, Sugar is 5K kg and Jaggery granules is 3K kg.

∴ K = 4
∴ New jaggery granules quantity = 3K+16 = 28kg