Mobile Marketing Interview Questions and Answers Part 2

7. We don't want to spend on advertising. What's the best way to get our App found?


For businesses running on tight marketing budget, app stores are the main channels to get found. To do this:

i. Build a good ranking for your app in its app store.
ii. Try to optimize the listing for your app by following best practices for app store optimization.

8. Is it OK to attract incentivized downloads for your Mobile app?


Many business do offer incentives on downloading their app. However, the problem with this type of customers is that they are usually low value users and many of them stop using the app after availing the benefit. This inflates the download figures usually but doesn't turn into return.

9. What are the different ways to make money from my Mobile app?


You can do various things to monetize your app:

i.  Pay to use - Ask users to pay to use your app. However, this would reduce the number of downloads.

ii. Pay to Upgrade - Basic app is free but for additional features the user has to pay.

iii. Advertising - Run advertisements in your app.

iv. Sell - The customers can purchase

10. To measure the success of my App, what kind of reports should I pay attention to?


To find how your users interact with your App you need to pay attention to various kind of reports rather than just the download reports. These reports are:

i. Funnels - Know the important goals of your app. Are you expecting the users to take particular actions at each stage? How many users are taking those actions?

ii. Retention - You would want to know the time for which the users are engaged with your App. With this information you can fine tune your App for better results.

iii. Loyal users - Find how many times users use your app, for how long, number of screen they go to, whether they actually convert or not.

iv. Value addition - You would also want to know the value your customers are adding over the time to your business.

11. How would you ensure that your mobile app marketing campaigns are successful?


To ensure that your Mobile App marketing campaigns are successful:

i. Know how you would measure various parameters on your App.
ii. Understand your customers and how they would use the App.

12. Explain SMS Marketing


SMS stands for 'Short Message Service' which is a small text message sent to our phones. This marketing channel is widely used to pass on important information by the government and business houses. The companies also communicate their special offers, new launches etc. to their customer through SMS.

13. Explain MMS.


MMS stands for Multimedia Message Service. Here the sender sends multimedia messages. An MMS has audio, video, and images.