Mobile Marketing Interview Questions and Answers Part 3

14. Name certain things that need to be kept in mind while designing your mobile marketing campaign.


Here are some of the important things that you need to bear in mind while designing a mobile marketing campaign:

i. Keep it short - The receiver might not read the message if it's too long.

ii. Keep it simple - A lot of images can increase the load time and also dilute the reader's focus. Keep your message simple and easy to understand.

iii. Clear call to action - Most of the people look for information on their phone. You should ensure that you have a clear call to action on your mobile apps.

iv. Correct timing - Sending a message at the correct time will ensure better consumer engagement. Avoid sending messages at off hours, or late at night.

v. Easy Sharing - Make sure you have a basic URL which is easy to share.

vi. Location Specific - The mobile phone is very location specific. Users use their phones to get information about their locality. Information such as nearby restaurant, shopping mall etc are searched hence it's good to have location specific content.

15. Can you spot the future Mobile Marketing trends?


Every channel of digital media is evolving. Mobile marketing is also growing at a very fast pace. Some trends that we can expect in the future are:

i. Increasing Mobile Apps - Mobile apps are increasing at a very fast pace as most of them want their customers to stay connected with them all the time. Mobile app helps to engage the customers. It also helps to generate traffic and increase sales. You can see a growing trend as more and more businesses opting for their mobile app.

ii. Increasing Messaging Apps - Messaging apps help us stay connected. Messaging apps such as Whatsapp are more private than Facebook. It is a connection medium and most of the businesses soon will use these apps to stay connected with their customers.

iii. Focus on location-based marketing - Location-based marketing will focus more on location than on brand. This kind of marketing is more targeted and it adds a more personal touch. It is also timed well. Hence we can expect to see a lot of focus on this kind of marketing.

iv. Increasing mobile video market - You can see so many videos on Facebook and Google. You will see an increase in the mobile video market in near future as the audience is attracted to it.

v. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages - In order to improve the user experience marketers will use Google Accelerated Mobile pages. This will help the brands to stay ahead of their competitors in the mobile search.

vi. Social Media - Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Instagram -These are the platforms that are specific to use for mobile only. You can see an increase in these types of platforms in near future.

16. What are the qualities of a good content for mobile marketing?


While preparing content on the mobile phone you should remember that a mobile is a small compact device with a small screen. You need to ensure the following things in your message:

i. Readable - Your content on the phone must be easily readable. It should be clear.

ii. Catchy headlines - Keep your headline short to fit into the small screen. The attention span of readers on mobile is really short so it is very easy to loose them.

iii. Short Paragraphs - It is not possible to read long text paragraphs on phone. Keep your paragraphs short and crisp.

17. What is Geo-targeting?


Geo-targeting is a way of targeting its customers based on their location.  You can send app messages based on their relevant country, state or street.

18. Explain UX.


UX refers to User EXperience. UX helps the developers create an app which is easy to operate and works effectively. It helps the developers in designing the app.