Mobile Marketing Interview Questions and Answers Part 4

19. Explain Push Notification.


As the name suggests, push notification is a message for a user to use the mobile app which he/she is not currently using. It aims to push the user's attention which can increase the traffic to the mobile app.

20. Explain Opt In and Opt Out.


Opt-in is a permission given by the mobile app user to be a part of the campaign and opt-out is the decision to be out of the campaign.

21. How would you attract Facebook users through mobile phones?


The number of people using mobile phones to access Facebook is increasing. Promoting yourself on Facebook sends traffic to the website which results in a better ROI. While advertising for mobile phones through Facebook you should use attractive images, mobile-friendly landing pages, and short video to get the attention of the users.

22. What possible outcomes can business houses expect from Mobile Marketing?


Mobile marketing should be used as a long-term marketing channel for the company. The main expected outcomes can be:

i. Retention of existing customers
ii. Generating new customers
iii. Brand Engagement
iv. Provide information about the company
v. Help with product launch
vi. Help with future planning