Mobile Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Mobile Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

This section covers commonly asked and expert level Mobile Marketing Interview questions and answers. The types of questions covered are knowledge based, conceptual, situational and experience based. You can also find interesting examples with the questions, as required.

Who are these Mobile Marketing Interview Questions useful for?

Conceptual and general questions on Mobile Marketing will be very useful for graduates, MBA freshers, beginners and junior level professionals interviewing for Mobile Marketing or Mobile App Marketing roles.
Professionals appearing for Mobile Marketing Manager's position will be highly benefited by the experience based, strategic and planning related questions.

Mobile Marketing interview questions topics

The section covers conceptual and practical questions on all important topics like - Strategizing and Monitoring a campaign, types, advantages and disadvantages, App marketing and monetization, future trends, content creation etc.

1. Explain Mobile Marketing.


Mobile Marketing is new channel of marketing that uses smart phones, tablets, or other mobile devices to reach the customers. The medium could be SMS, MMS, videos, email, social media or mobile application.

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2. What are the advantages of Mobile Marketing?


Mobile marketing has a lot of advantages which is why the marketers choose this channel of marketing. Some of them are as follows:

i. Less expensive - Creating and broadcasting the SMS is easier, simpler and faster than laptop and desktop.

ii. Easy Adaptability - Simple content makes it easy to adapt to various screen size.

iii. Instant Message - The message sent will be received by the receiver instantly. If the mobile is on standby mode the receiver will receive the message immediately as he/she puts it on.

iv. Viral Effect - Mobile messages can have viral effect. If you send a good discount or offer or some good news, people instantly share it.

v. Deeper Penetration - With almost everyone possessing a mobile phone these day, getting the message far and wide has become easier.

vi. Easy Tracking - The data received can be tracked easily and helps the marketer to understand and analyze the buyers or users behavior.

vii. High Click Rate - As compared to other marketing channels mobile marketing has high click rate for the ads.

3. What are the limitations of mobile marketing?


Yes, there are certain things that make mobile marketing less preferred. Some of them are:

i. Limited Ads - While sending a message on phone you cannot send all types of ads. You have to limit your content, images, and videos while sending a message on mobile. This limits the communication.

ii. Navigation - Using a mobile phone makes it difficult to navigate from one link to another which can be done on Laptop and desktop easily.

iii. Privacy - Most of the mobile users use their phone for personal messaging and many of them are subscribed to Do Not Disturb service that bars you from sending commercial messages.

iv. Different platforms - These days, mobile phones are available in different screen sizes making it difficult to create a campaign which can fit on all of them.

4. What are the different types of mobile marketing?


Following are the types of mobile marketing:

i. SMS Marketing - In this type of marketing you send messages on their phones to the potential customers to inform them about any offers, discount, or giving information about your company, etc.

ii. MMS Marketing - In this type of marketing you send a timed slideshow of images, text, audio, and video.

iii. Push Notification - This type of message is sent to gain attention from the potential buyer. It helps the brand to communicate the message in an effective way.

iv. In-game mobile marketing - Mobile games are played by one and all. This platform is used by marketers to advertise their product or service before the start of the game or at the end. It is one of the effective ways of advertising.

v. Location-Based advertising - In this type of marketing advertisements are put for specific region or location and not for the whole region.

vi. App Based Marketing - In this type of advertising, you can have direct engagement with your potential customers. You can also target the correct audience.

vii. Images - You can see a lot of pop up images, or at the header or footer of the website.

5. How would you plan your mobile marketing strategy for a new product launch?


While preparing a mobile marketing strategy you need to bear following things in mind:

i. Know your audience - Know how the audience uses their mobile to know your brand. Each one uses their mobile phone for a different purpose.

ii. Know your business objective - Knowing your business objective is very important. It will help you create an engaging app for your users. Your mobile strategy should fulfill the business objective and have a wider audience.

iii. Know the best mobile marketing channel - Know which channel of mobile marketing is the best for your audience.

iv. Analyze the outcomes regularly - This will help you adapt quickly to the change.

6. What are the most important things to know before you start developing your mobile app?


There are two very important things that you need to know before you jump into developing your app.

i. Why are you building this app? - The Purpose.
ii. Who will be using it? - The User.

Without having these two things right, the chances of failure increase.