7 New Online Jobs in Digital Age

Digital age is witnessing the increasing consumption of content and services online. And, this has given rise to a lot of new online jobs that can be done online in this digital age. These online jobs require certain skills and can be done easily by Professionals, students and housewives who possess those skills.
A very important thing that all of us have experienced in a last couple of months is the growth in the video content served online.

Teaching, Cooking, Music, Spirituality, everything has come online and this has also increased the number of opportunities for you to work online.

So, in this article, let’s discuss some jobs that have come up with the increased consumption of video content.

Let’s start to find what these jobs are, who needs such employees and the skills you require to get them.

So, the first job that is getting increasingly popular with the increased consumption of Video Content is:

1. Video Editor

Videography has existed since many days. But in current times, when everybody is developing videos and trying to grow big, the demand for video editors has started increasing suddenly. And, as we keep moving ahead in this direction, it’ll continue to increase in the future also.

All big YouTube channels need professionals who can edit their videos, add captions, graphics, some music etc. and for this they need good editors because they want to stay focused on creating good content.

To be an editor, all that you need is knowledge of some popular editing software like Camtasia etc. Most of you would already have a laptop. So, this is something that you can easily start with.

2. Voice Artist

This is another job that did exist in the past as well but has started gaining the momentum in a last few years.

We used to hear of voice artists working on shows of TV Channels like National Geographic, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, Disney but in digital age, there are a lot of projects where voice artists are needed like converting text or e-books to audio books, dubbing for videos in other languages etc.

So, if you possess a good voice & diction and want to earn by selling your voice, record small clips of your voice and send to the employers hiring for these positions. The tip here is to record a little longer clip or 3-4 clips where you can show the adaptability of your voice.  

3. Content Reorientation Specialist

Now, you may find this position advertised as Content Re-purposer also at many places. It means the same thing.

The person working in this position is expected to present the same content in various forms depending on the media it needs to be published on.

For e.g. if you see the comment that we pin with each video, you’ll find that you can also read the content of each video with some editing done. This is content reorientation. i.e. making the same content usable on various platforms.

This is a time taking job and the publishers may need this work done for various platforms like websites, print media, Instagram, Facebook etc. depending upon the audience.
So, if you are good with language, this is another job that you can pick up.

4. YouTube Channel Manager/ Moderator

Many of you may wonder, if this can also be a job? So, let me tell you, yes, this can be a real job and as time progresses, this is going to get even more popular. Running and moderating a YouTube channel is a time consuming job. So, big channels do need people to help them with this.

A YouTube manager may be expected to upload the videos, thumbnails, adjust the settings for each video, make reports from YouTube analytics etc.

A moderator is usually needed to moderate the comments section of the video and get back to the comments with relevant replies, wherever needed. Moderators are the people who maintain the sanctity of the comments section by ensuring that people do not post rubbish there.

Depending on the size of the channel one or more managers or moderators might be needed. So, this is another job that you can look out for. And, you can pick this job up for one or more channels

5. Facebook Ad Manager

Now, similar to what we discussed above, there can be managers for various platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

But, one profile that is getting very popular with the introduction of Facebook Ad campaigns.

You can see that there is a sudden surge in the number of entrepreneurs in the senior age group also. This is thanks to Internet. But, not many of them understand how to run advertisements on this platform or in fact use any of the social media platforms effectively. If you can specialize in this work and help them, you can create a job for yourself.

6. Pinterest Manager

Another platform that has become quite popular in last some years is Pinterest. A lot of people are creating content for Pinterest to promote their business but again managing everything alone get difficult and as you grow, you need people to help you with it.
So, if you see some people growing on Pinterest at a fast pace, check if they need someone to manage their presence and content on this platform.

In fact, a lot of companies also promote their products through Pinterest, see if you can assist them in developing some content or manage it.

7. Web Analytics Manager

The growth of any channel or website is possible in the desired direction only when you know what the figures or numbers flashing on your desktop are trying to convey.

See, what happens is, be it a YouTube channel, Website or anything, most of the platforms capture the data of how the viewers or readers are interacting with the content on your channel – their age, gender, education, the keywords they use to reach you, how long do they stay on your content….everything is captured by these platforms.

This is to help you understand as a content creator, what’s working for you and what is not and what steps should you take. But the problem is, it is not possible for every content creator to understand what the data is trying to speak to them. If you can help them understand this, you can be a good fit for this kind of a job. For this job, you need to possess good analytical and reporting skills which includes your communication skills as well.

A lot of big companies would have in-house web analytics position but for smaller companies and startups, you can provide a freelance service as well. This is one profession that is in demand and will continue to grow.