Top 10 non-medical career options after 12th PCB

Being a Doctor is not your only career option. Let’s find out other career choices after passing out of your Class 12th with PCB or Physics, Chemistry, Biology
All of us aware that you can become a doctor, nurse or pharmacist after a 12th with PCB. But, there are a lot of students who are not able to crack a medical entrance exam or do not want to become a medical professional for various reasons.

These students do not need to get disheartened. Becoming a medical professional is not your only option.There are many other career options for you to have a bright career.

Let’s discuss some professions and courses that you can consider, as per your interest and  and the education you need for each of them. Each of these professions is in high demand and can give you a very bright future.

i. Career in Biotechnology

This is one of the fields that has already made a lot of impact on our lives and is going to be even more impactful in the times to come.

In Biotechnology, you use biological systems and different organisms to make technological advancements.

Biotechnology can be -  

i.) Medical Biotechnology or
ii.) Agricultural Biotechnology

Here, the living cells or their constituents are used for the betterment of human life, develop new pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, antibiotics, biofuels etc.

With Agricultural Biotechnology, you try to improve the quality of your crops by trying to develop genetically modified crops, pest resistant crops, breeding of plants and animals in the desired way etc.

To enter this field, you can simply begin with a BSc in Biotechnology. And, as per your interest you can choose a Master’s degree and go ahead for a doctorate, if you want.

The demand for the profession is high and will remain high for the years to come.

ii. Bioinformatics:

As you can see yourself, the name Bioinformatics itself suggests that it is the science of storing, retrieving and analyzing biological information.

This field is a combination of biology, IT, computers and statistics. So, for all of you who want to take advantage of both IT and Biology, this can be a really good career option.

You can begin with a BSc in Bioinformatics and go on to specialize with a Masters degree. In fact there are some institutes that even offer a BTech course in Bioinformatics to PCB students.

You can become a Bioinformatics Technician, Scientist, Research associate to name a few.

A very bright option that comes to you after this course is becoming a Bioinformatics Analyst. These professionals are like Data Analysts working specifically on Biological Data.

If you don’t know, let me tell you, Data Analysts are in high demand, and if you combine biology with it, you become one the most sought after talents in the market.

Infact, companies working on bio projects will even be happy to hire you as software developers.

The choices in this area are many, it is you who needs to see what interests you.

iii.) Virology:

Virology is the study of viruses and virus-like agents which includes studying their protein coat, taxonomy, disease producing capability, origin and genetics among other things.

The field was anyway growing but post covid-19 or Coronavirus scare, it is expected to grow at a much larger pace. The world is going to focus a lot of its energy and resources on researching various viruses in the future.

There are many universities offering PG courses in Virology. To gain an entry into them, you need to possess a BSc degree in Microbiology, Zoology or Life sciences. This can be called as an extension of Microbiology.

With a degree or doctorate in Virology, you can work at a Pharma company, Immunology labs, Govt. and Private hospitals, Research Centers etc.  

If you find this field interesting, I would recommend you to see the requirements of the university you want to study at for your PG and pick up a UG course that meets their requirement.  

But, definitely a career option to consider.

iv.) Toxicology

- This is another interesting and growing discipline that you can choose as a career option.

Toxicology is the scientific study of the adverse effects of chemicals on living beings and environment.

The admission to a MSc Toxicology course can be sought after a BSc in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Botany, Chemistry, Zoology etc. But, this is different for different colleges and universities.

So, again, if you are interested in a career in Toxicology, see the requirement to gain an entry into the PG course at your preferred institute and get a UG degree in tandem with it.  

v.) Neuroscience

– This is another emerging field that’ll continue to grow in the years to come. The universities have got both BSc and MSc courses in Neuroscience. However, admission to MSc Neuroscience at NBRC i.e. National Brain Research Centre can also be sought after a Bachelor’s degree in Lifesciences, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Physics, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science, Psychology etc.

Some other prominent institutes working in this domain are Centre for Neuroscience, Bengaluru, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences.

The growth prospects in this area can be as many as the number of neural networks you possess.

The most common Neuroscience professionals that all of us have seen sometime or the other are Neuroscience Technologists. These are the allied health professionals who conduct diagnostic tests like EEG, PSG, NCS, ENG etc.

They work under the supervision of a physician.
But, this is not all, if you complete your PG, the career in Neuroscience can be very promising.

So, another career, that is going to grow in the years to come.

vi.) Nuclear Medicine Technology

- The Nuclear Medicine Technologists administer radioactive drugs to the patients and then perform nuclear imaging with the help of special cameras. These tests are done to see how are the organs functioning and other medical conditions including cancer. Some of the tests you may have heard of are PET Scan, SPECT scan etc. Both UG and PG level courses are available in this domain.

vii.) Radiology and Image Technology

- This course prepares you to be a Radiographer or Medical Imaging Technologist. There are UG and PG courses courses like BSc and MSc available in this domain. For UG, along with Biology some institutes also need to you to have learnt Mathematics in Class 12th. So, this may be another suitable career option for PCBM students.

You may decide to specialize in X-Ray, CT, MRI, Cathlab etc. later on.

In fact the companies working on Radiology applications can also be a good place for you and you may even decide to do your Phd.

viii.) Optometry

- Another interesting profession for the candidates from PCB background could be Optometry. An optometrist is an allied healthcare professional who can examine, diagnose and treat your eyes. Don’t confuse them with Opthalmologists. Opthalmologists are medical doctors who can perform medical and surgical procedures for your eyes.

To be an Optometrist, you can get a Bachelor’s degree in Optometry which is called BOPTM followed by a Post Graduate course and a Doctorate. There are various levels at which you can work in this field depending upon your qualification.

ix.) Microbiology and Medical Microbiology

- The most important thing to know here is – Microbiology and Medical Microbiology are different things. And, both are good career options for the future.

While Microbiology deals with the study of microscopic organisms, Medical Microbiology deals with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases cause by the microbes specially in human beings.

There are many universities offering UG and PG courses in these domains.

As I checked for some institutes, admission to a PG course in Medical microbiology needs to you to possess an MBBS, BDS, BAMS or BHMS degrees but they consider candidates with a a BPT, B. Pharma, B.Sc. (MLT), B.Sc.(Optometry) or BSc with minimum one subject of Biological Sciences candidates as well.

The best thing to do is, if you are interested in this course, talk to the institute of your choice for eligibility to their PG course and take up a UG course accordingly.

x.) Dietetics and Nutrition

- This is a sub discipline of Medicine that focuses on various aspects of food and its effect on human bodies. The candidates from this domain can find a career in Hospitals and Clinics, NGOs, MNCs, Neutraceuticals, Food and Beverage Industry, National and International Research Institutes etc.

xi.) Operation Theatre Technology

–-The technicians in this field are required to manage the operation theatre and the patients inside the operation theatre. The PG course here needs you to possess a Bachelors degree in OT and Anesthesia technology. These technicians are required in all the hospitals that have and maintain an OT.

xii.) Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences

- With the increasing reliance on Ayurveda in our day to day lives, this is another course that you can do. It is available by the name BNYS in many institutes.

xiii.) Forensic Science

- In this programme the students study about crimes & crime scene. They also study about techniques & tools used in solving any crime along with different Lab techniques and evidence collection techniques.

The professionals in this domain are involved in solving and investigating crimes and legal applications of science.

Forensic Scientists can work as medical examiners, crime laboratory analyst, crime scene examiner, forensic engineer, language expert and evidence enhancer by working on psychological profiles of habitual offenders. They also perform the analysis of crime scenes, etc. There are various sub fields here that you can choose to specialize in.

xiv.) Food Science Technology

- The course prepares the students with an understanding of food production and how to produce healthier products. The candidates from this domain can find an employment in various fields like hospitals,  restaurants; food processing companies; catering establishments; all companies that produce or package food in any way; quality control organisations; food research laboratories etc.

xv.) Clinical Psychology

- Another interesting field that you can take up.

Clinical Psychologists are mental health professionals who receive special training to diagnose and treat mental, behavioral and emotional illnesses through various techniques they have learnt. They do not prescribe any medicines to treat the illnesses.

If this is a field that interests you, consider doing a BSc in psychology followed by an MSc in Clinical Psychology and a doctorate depending on your area of interest.

Mental, Emotional and Behavioral problems are being more openly talked about in the society now and the number of people needing help is also increasing. So, if this aspect of life interests you, this can be a really good course but mind you, you have to see your aptitude and interest before making an entry.

xvi.) Environmental Sciences

-Environmental Sciences deal with the study of Climatic changes, Conservation of energy, soil, water, air and methods to treat various kinds of pollution. The treatment is done in Physical, Chemical and Biological contexts.

For a bright career in EVS, just doing a BSc won’t suffice. You’ll have to do your Masters degree and a Doctorate later, if you are really passionate about growth.

As an environmentalist you can be working on research projects, government and private organizations, academic setup, NGOs etc.
While some people may discourage you from pursing a career in this domain, I would say that the career growth in this domain depends on how much are you ready to explore and work.

And, for this you’ll need patience. Those who are ready to think of some innovative means to solve environmental problems, definitely do well in this career. So, I would say patience and a problem solving attitude is something that is very important for a profession in this field.

Both BSc and MSc courses are available in this field.

xvii) Biochemistry

- Biochemistry is the study of chemical basis of life in living organisms. This domain is very important for the survival of human beings on this planet. It plays an important role in medical and health sciences, agriculture, molecular biology, forensic science etc.

There are various branches of Biochemistry like Animal Biochemistry, Medical Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry etc.

The candidates from this domain can find an employment in Medical and Dental colleges, clinical research, pharma industry, pathology labs etc.

xviii) Horticulture

- Horticulture a branch of agriculture that deals with garden crops, mostly fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants. Their job includes things like  plant conservation, landscape restoration, soil management, landscape and garden designing,
construction and maintenance, and arboriculture etc.

It is different from agriculture in the sense that it does not include large scale crop production and animal husbandry.

These professionals work as  gardeners, growers, therapists, landscape designers in public and private sectors, technical advisors, floriculturists, pomologists etc.

The profession is in high demand in the world. There are opportunities in both public and private sector.

Both undergraduate and post graduate courses are available in this domain to choose from.

xix.) Life sciences and Zoology

- These are two courses which can provide you a base for specialization in many other fields during your PG. So, you can just join one of them and choose a field of specialization in your Masters degree.