Office Clerk Interview Questions and Answers - 2

7. Give us an example of a time when you handled a difficult situation.

Clerks are expected to be smart people who do not have to bother their managers for everything. In fact, they are expected to increase their Manager's efficiency and keep the things as smooth as possible.

While answering this question, your focus should be on how you solved the problem rather than the problem itself.

A sample answer could be something like, "Once we were to dispatch some marketing material and collaterals to another city for our participation in the exhibition & we realized that the collaterals we had in stock had got damaged due to an unexpected leakage in the wall behind the storage. The time was too short.

I informed my manager, looked for some printing vendors locally and coordinated with the designing team. I also coordinated and sought help from a local partner to verify the sample print. With all this coordination we could get everything ready for the event on time.

The big lesson we learnt was to stock our things more carefully and keep checking upon them from time to time.

The whole exercise did cost us some extra money but my Manager was happy that ultimately we could be a part of the big event with everything in place. "