One Word Substitutes - Verbal Ability Questions Part 3

Directions: In the questions below, out of four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentences and mark the correct answer.

12. Someone who eats human flesh -

a. Solip
b. Narcissist
c. Cannibalism
d. Mystic

Answer: c. Cannibalism

13. A citizen of the world -

a. Posthumas
b. Cosmopolite
c. NRI
d. Idolatory

Answer: b. Cosmopolite

14. The act of walking slowly, wasting time -

a. Stagger
b. Stride
c. Dawdle
d. Plod

Answer: c. Dawdle

15. A person who easily gives up his party -

a. Turntake
b. Turncoat
c. Turnover
d. Turnaround

Answer: b. Turncoat

16. Someone who is difficult to please -

a. Fastidious
b. Notorious
c. Egoist
d. Proudy

Answer: a. Fastidious