9 Online jobs for students to earn without investment

Find out “9 Online jobs for students”. All these jobs can be done from your home or hostel & do not disturb your studies in any way.

This video will be useful for all college students, school students, and housewives too.
Today I have decided to discuss a topic that a lot of you ask about. And it is “9 online jobs  for students”.

Guys, the problem with students is

- They have limited time left with them to work alongside the studies
- They don’t have any money to invest or even if it is there, it is a very small amount.

But, the biggest strength of this generation is :
- All of you are Internet savvy and
- Possess mobile phones or laptops

So, we are going are going to talk about the jobs that make use of your strengths and ditch your weaknesses.

The jobs that’s I’m going to talk about are from various domains. Read the complete thing to find it all.

The jobs that appears at no. one  is:

1. Content development jobs:

Now, when I say content development jobs, I mean writing jobs. Guys, there are a lot of websites that you people use for studying and preparations for your course or placements. All these sites require good content. It could be articles, Question Banks or anything else.

The requirement here is to have a good subject knowledge and an ability to write and explain things in your own words.

You also have to understand here that no site will take the material that is copied from other books or websites.  If you think you can cheat them, it’s not possible because there are tools available in the market to identify this.

If you are not able to develop the content of your own level, you can do it for the classes junior to you.

To find these type of jobs, one of the best ways is to send an email to the websites you use for your own preparation and express your interest. Make sure, you write the email in a good language. Most of these sites are on a look out for good content writers. I know this because I have hired a lot of content writer s in this manner for my own website www.CareerRide.com that many of you use for preparation.

You’ll even find such jobs posted on many job portals like Naukri.com etc. Infact the freeelancing websites like fiverr.com or ____ also. Many people publish their requirements on these websites and you can pick those jobs.

All these jobs can be easily done along with your studies. And, in fact, they’ll add value to you not just in terms of money but also in terms of experience.

If you don’t want to write on education related topics, find your interest area and follow the same approach.

When you send the first email, you may not get an instant reply but if you keep approaching various websites, someone will definitely get back to you in sometime. If there are some contact number provided online, you can even contact them through phone and express your interest.

But, if you are thinking of taking up this kind of a job, it is certain that you’ll have to put an effort if you want your work to be accepted for publication. Low quality, copied work always gets rejected.

If you are not comfortable to write in English, write in the language you are comfortable with and approach that kind of websites.

Content is the king in the market and good Content Writers are also very much in demand.

And, all that you need for this is a laptop, internet connection and subject knowledge. Investment – Zero.

Place of work – wherever you are.
Is there anything else that you can ask for?

2. Selling photos

Another interesting online job. Requirement – Your phone’s camera. And, I’m sure most of the students these days have phones with a good camera. Else, you can even use your friend’s phone, if it has a better camera.

To do this job, use your creativity, compose good pictures, click and upload them online to websites like shutterstock and many more.

Many of you may find this job to be too small but let me tell you, I know people who have made a complete career with this. If you excel at this, you can even sell your picture to the publishers for book covers or to the corporate for their brochures or even just print them on request, frame them and sell them.

But, even if you don’t think so far, the immediate thing you can do is edit them a bit and sell them online.

You’ll have to be consistent with clicking and posting them. Also, if you want to sell your pictures online, you’ll have to click pictures from various aspects like nature, computers, emotions etc. Because, the people are on a search for pictures for various purposes. Having limited pictures, will make it difficult for you to sell. But here, the quality of pictures should be really good.

3. Online teaching

You can do this through YouTube videos or by developing e-lectures for some publishers.
Earning from YouTube videos is a slow process because you need to publish a lot of videos consistently for a long time before you start seeing the results. So, this may not be apt for students.

But, there are a lot of publishers who need some lectures or videos developed for them on a contractual basis. The topics may go from academics to music or dance. These can be good options. Choose the subject and level as per your interest and ability and teach people.

Also, there are a lot of websites that connect teachers and students online in a virtual classroom. You can even be a part of such a set up for the number of hours you want and earn money.

4. Sell products online

People make their stuff, or sell from their shops online but that may not be apt for the students because you wont want to spend time on making things or stocking them.
But, what you can do is form online groups of people or your friends online on WhatsApp and sell the products from Meesho.

This is a mobile App on which various suppliers and manufacturers publish their catalogues. Pick products that you personally feel are good, cost effective and useful to your group of friends and send it to them.

Any one who is interested can come back to you, collect their address and give it to the supplier. Sending the product or any returns is supplier’s job.

You simply add a reasonable margin and give the buyer a price.

Whatever you earn as profit gets credited to your account every month.

Cost – Zero, Stock maintenance – Zero, Only earning.

The bigger your group is, more are the chances of a sale. So, focus on that and another tip is choose a niche according to the people in your group. For e.g. product useful for ladies and families, fashion, education etc.

5. Affiliate marketing

Now, in affiliate marketing, you talk or discuss the various aspects of a product or review it or compare it with competing products etc so that other people read your articles or see your video and get prompted to buy it. And, when they buy the products after seeing your article or video, you earn a commission.

These programs are run by all e-Commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc, and also all online sellers of products.

Now, to identify that the customer has come to them through you, you get an affiliate link and people can reach the seller by clicking on that link. Those who buy within 24 hrs of clicking your link are considered to be your customers. Here also, you need to have a niche for e.g. technical product, makeup etc.

What you need to do all this? – Have a phone, make videos on various aspects of the product and publish them on YouTube or Instagram with a link to the product in the description box or blog about them for which you need a laptop.

Earning – Can be good if you are consistent. Infact, by the time you finish your studies, you will already have a side business set up f or yourself.

6. Digital Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

This is another job that you can do online. In this digital age, everyone, even small businesses needs to promote themselves and their products online but not all of them are capable of doing it because not all of them know how internet works.

But, being a student, you can even learn it, if you don’t know how to do it.

Start with small clients who provide some service but don’t have an online presence or even if they have their business on google, they have not claimed it which reduces the chances them showing up in the searches and maps and hence the  enquiries. You can do all these things for them. This is a very basic thing that can help your clients in growing their business.

Make a list of some more basic things that you can do for them. May be 5 things and even if you are able charge every customer 500 Rs/- for these basic services, you can easily earn 5000 Rs/- by getting 10 customers a month.

And, initially even if you do it for free for 10 people in the first month, you’ll have experience and then you can start charging 11th client onwards.

And, if you continue doing this, imagine the type of command you’ll have over this domain. May be you’ll not even have to think about picking a job….

7. Web/ App Developer

This is another basic online work that you can do even for small businesses. If not a complete website, you can design just the landing pages for people. And, trust me your nearby businesses will happily pay 1000 Rs/- for it. Get 5 clients, you have 5000 Rs/ in a month.

Similarly, all businesses these days need Apps may be a small App. Explain them the importance of having an App and how their business can grow with it.

And, if you get technically better over the years, you can try to even bid for some bigger projects online or you may meet someone directly or through a reference for who needs your services.

Guys, the scope is limitless, the requirement is to take the first step, keep working and keep learning newer things.

8. Get your parents business online

A lot of you may even have parents who have a business but they are not online yet. Assist them in doing this.

In fact you can implement a lot of things we discussed in this video in your family business. Your knowledge can help your family business grow. Isn’t that an achievement?

9. Freelancing jobs

There are a lot of freelancing jobs available on websites like upwork, fiverr etc. These jobs can be writing jobs, translation jobs, proof reading jobs etc. See what you are good at and start bidding for those jobs. I know people who are comfortably making 30,000 Rs/- a month just from translation jobs but they put in 8 hrs of work. If you work for 2 hours, can you not make 5000 Rs/- a month. This is not a small amount for students.

Pick up the job as per your interest and skills & by the time you pass out of the college, you’ll have not only some money with you but a lot of work experience as well. Start today!