Organizational Behaviour Online Test Part 3

11. The mentality that advocates, an agreement at any cost often resulting in ineffective team decision making and poor decisions is called ______.

a. Power orientation
b. Relationship orientation
c. Group maturity
d. Group think

Answer: d. Group think

12. Which of the following factors determines personality of an individual?

A] Biological
B] Cultural
C] Familial
D] Physical

a. A, B, and C
b. A, C, and D
c. A, B, and D
d. All the above

Answer: a. A, B, and C

13. Which of the following substances are carcinogenic in nature?

a. Stale food
b. Alcohol
c. Tobacco
d. Soft drinks

Answer: c. Tobacco

14. Which of the following is a type of stress that is actually a state of happiness and is caused by sudden over joy?

a. Hypostress
b. Eustress
c. Distress
d. Hyper work stress

Answer: b. Eustress

15. What are the characteristics of Benevolent-Authoritative leadership style?

A] Formal communication
B] Some delegation of authority
C] Limited concern for subordinates
D] Informal communication

a. A and D
b. B and D
c. A, B and C
d. B, C, and D

Answer: c. A, B and C