Organizational Behaviour Online Test Part 5

21. Which of the following motivates people to do things but does not work as a morale booster?

a. Appreciation emails
b. Money
c. Gifts
d. Training

Answer: c. Gifts

22. Which of the following are the characteristics of fragmented culture?

A] Low on sociability
B] Low on solidarity
C] Made up of individualists
D] High on solidarity

a. Only A and B
b. Only A and D
c. Only B and C
d. Only A, B, and C

Answer: d. Only A, B, and C

23. A change in the organisation requires a corresponding change in the individual's ________.

a. Behaviour
b. Perception
c. Personality
d. Attitude

Answer: c. Personality

24. Which of the following is the moralistic segment of human personality?

a. Ego
b. Self concept
c. Super ego
d. Id

Answer: c. Super ego

25. If you do not have a perceptual________, the shapes, sizes, colors etc. of objects would keep on changing.

a. Context
b. Outlook
c. Constancy
d. Figure

Answer: c. Constancy