Partnership - Aptitude Questions and Answers Part 3

11. Guddi starts a business with an investment of Rs 48,000/-. 4 months down the time Simmi invests a capital of Rs 62,000/- and becomes a partner. Seeing the success of the business, Delphine gets interested and comes into the business after 6 months of start with a capital of Rs 80,000/-. At the end of 12 months, the business earns a profit of Rs 20,661/-. Find Delphine's share in it.  

a. Rs. 6390
b. Rs. 6603
c. Rs. 7240
d. Rs. 7668

Answer: a. Rs. 6390

12. Three friends Anand, Bikram and Chetan open a cafe. Anand and Bikaram invest Rs 27,000/-, Rs 81,000/- respectively. Chetan invests Rs 9,000/- less than Bikram. At the end of the year business earns a profit and Bikram gets Rs. 36,000/- as his share. What is the value of total profit?

a. Rs. 80000
b. Rs. 92000
c. Rs. 108000
d. Rs. 116000

Answer: b. Rs. 92000

13. Nalin starts a business with a certain investment on 1st January. On 1st July Vansh joins him with double the amount he invested. Manish joins them on 1st September with an investment that is 3 times of Nalin's investment. After a year, they make a profit of Rs 45,000/- . Find Manish's share in this profit.

a. Rs. 9000
b. Rs. 12000
c. Rs. 15000
d. Rs. 25000

Answer: c. Rs. 15000

14. Atul begins a tea joint with a capital of Rs 16,000/-. After 3 months, Batul comes in with an investment that equals five - eighths of Atul's investment and Atul takes Rs 2,000/- out from investment he made at the beginning. After another three months, Chetu joins them with a capital that is Rs 7,000/- less that Atul's initial investment. At the end of the year, Chetu earns Rs 1026/- from the profit. What is Atul's share in the profit?

a. Rs. 3300
b. Rs. 3306
c. Rs. 3406
d. Rs. 3506

Answer: b. Rs. 3306

15. A starts a business with an investment of Rs 60,000/-. B joins him after 6 months with an investment of Rs 90,000/-. At the end of 12 months, A further invests Rs 20,000/- The business makes a profit of Rs 71,20,000/- at the end of 3 years. Find the share of A in this profit.

a. Rs. 3,84,000
b. Rs. 26,40,000
c. Rs. 27,00,000
d. Rs. 35,20,000

Answer: d. Rs. 35,20,000