Percentage - Aptitude Questions and Answers Part 4

16. 5% reduction in the price of a commodity would allow a housewife to buy 5 kg more of it for Rs 2000/-. What is the new rate of the commodity?

a. Rs. 20
b. Rs. 30
c. Rs. 40
d. Rs. 50

Answer: a. Rs. 20

17. Raj actually intended to multiply a number by 5 but divided it by 5 in a hurry to finish the exam quickly. What is the percentage error in the final answer?

a. 92%
b. 93%
c. 96%
d. 97%

Answer: c. 96%

18. A and B together earn Rs 1500. A saves 10% of his salary while B saves 20%. Their savings are in the ratio 3:4. Find the individual salaries of A and B.

a. Rs. 600, Rs. 900
b. Rs. 700, Rs. 900
c. Rs. 800, Rs. 600
d. Rs. 900, Rs. 600

Answer: d. Rs. 900, Rs. 600

19. Manisha has appeared for her Class XII board exams. To be eligible to fill a form for ABC College, the candidate has to have a minimum score of 70%. If her score in 7 papers is 56%. How much should she score in the 8th subject to be eligible to apply to ABC college for admission?

a. 78%
b. 88%
c. 98%
d. Cannot be determined

Answer: d. Cannot be determined