PPC Interview Questions and Answers Part 2

7. Which qualities would you look for to determine if the PPC keyword is effective?


In order to be effective the PPC keyword should be possess following qualities:  

i. Relevant- Crafting relevant targeted keywords.

ii. Expansive- The keyword list should constantly be growing and adapting to refine and expand your campaign.

iii. Exhaustive – The keywords should be more specific and less common.  Your keyword search should be popular and frequently searched terms.

8. How would you ensure that your Pay Per Click campaign is effective?


In order to ensure that your PPC campaign is effective, you should keep the following things in mind:

i. The keyword should be relevant to the search query.

ii. Add more keywords so as to expand the reach of your PPC.

iii. Constantly study and review the keywords which are expensive and underperforming.

iv. Each landing page should load fast and effectively communicate the product or service.

v. Include a call to action in the ad and explain briefly what they should expect to find when they click on your ads.

9. What are invalid clicks?


Invalid clicks are the unintentional, motivated or malicious clicks. Google has an automatic mechanism to identify such clicks.

Following are some of the examples of invalid clicks:

i. Accidental clicks. For e.g Double click on an Ad by mistake.
ii. Motivated manual clicks attempting to increase someone’s advertising cost.
iii. Motivated manual clicks to improve someone’s profit from ads.
iv. Automated clicks by software, robots etc.

10. What things do you have to bear in mind while building your keyword list?


Building the keywords list is an important task in PPC Marketing. Your PPC Marketing efforts will be effective only if you choose the correct keywords. The right keywords will give you the required traffic to your website.

Following are the things to take into account while making your keywords list:

i. Know your target audience
ii. Analyze your competitors
iii. Check your existing offerings
iv. Check the analytics result carefully
v. Use keywords expansion tools

11. We want to develop a new campaign on XYZ. How would you go about it?


With this question the interviewer is trying to find out the type of campaign you would develop to acquire more PPC leads.  

While answering this question focus on:

i. Developing a proper list of keywords,
ii. Use of negative keywords to attract relevant traffic,
iii. Information and graphics you would have on landing pages,
iv. Any follow up process required to materialize the PPC leads ,
v. Continuous monitoring and adjustment of the campaign.