PPC Interview Questions and Answers Part 3

12. Explain Ad Rank.


The position of your Pay Per Click ad on the search engine result page is known as Ad Rank.
AD rank = CPC Bid * Quality Score

13. What is CPC bid?


CPC is Cost per click. CPC bid means the maximum amount you are willing to pay if someone clicks on your ad.

14. Do you know how to calculate PPC?


To get Pay per click divide the total advertising cost by the number of clicks generated by the advertisement.

Pay per click = Advertising cost / No of clicks

15. If I ask you to keep the traffic same but reduce the cost of paid campaign, what things would you pay attention to?


It is required that you must have done some homework to be able to answer this question. Look out for some easy to implement things which have an impact on the overall result.

Somethings that can easily go out of attention but have a tremendous impact on the cost of campaign are:

i. Non-performing days – There may be some days of the week that do not work well for you type of business. The conversion rates are lower on these days. You can keep a watch, identify these days and bid lower on these days.

ii. Bid right keywords - Bid highest on Keywords that exactly match your campaign. Follow these with phrase match and broad match.

iii. Right geographical locations – Culture, ethnicity, local products have a tremendous impact on performance in various geographical locations. Looks for the locations where visitors are not converting into customers and either don’t bid or bid lower for these places.

16.What are Negative Keywords in PPC?


If you want to stop irrelevant traffic for your campaign you should use Negative Keywords.

For e.g. If you are selling brand new products, second sale customers are not your target. The keywords you use to eliminate such users are negative keywords.

17. Why would you use negative keywords?


Using negative keywords is a highly recommended strategy to build an effective campaign. It ensures that:

i. The visitor who come to the landing page are really interested in your product. It means that the traffic is relevant.

ii. They improve the conversion of visitors to customers.

iii. It keeps the cost of campaign under control.    

18. Do you know our competitors PPC Strategy?


The interviewer would ask you this question to know how you have analyzed the competitor’s activity. Do you know who their competitors are?  What are their strategies?

To answer this question you need to prepare yourself before going to the interview. Make sure you know about the company very well, do through research. Look for their campaigns and take notes.