PPC Interview Questions and Answers Part 4

19. Which Paid Media Platform would you recommend for us?


To answer this question the candidate will have to think realistically and see which platform suits the most to their type of business.
Again, the best way to answer this question effectively is a good homework before you see them,

20. What PPC strategy would you propose for branded products?


The concept that comes into play with branded products is branded keywords.
These keywords contain the company name or the brand name. A branded keyword strategy would be better than the regular keywords here.

21. For PPC Ads what is the Character Limit?


Each search engine has different character limit for the ads. In Google you can have 25 characters as headline. This is the maximum limit for headline.
You can have 35 characters in your description line and 35 characters in your URL display.  Your URL may be longer than 35 characters but when the ad will be displayed it will be shortened.

22. How would you calculate CTR?


CTR is the number of visitors who click a link out of the total number of visitors who have seen that ad, email or link somewhere.

CTR helps you decide, the effectiveness of the website where you are currently running the campaign and also how effectively have you created and executed the campaign.   

CTR = (Number of clicks/ Number of impressions) * 100

For e.g. If 5 out of 100 people who have seen you ad click on it, your CTR is 5%

23. What are the qualities of a good landing page?


A good landing page provides a visitor all the required information that they would need to make a decision with a clear call to action.
The design of the landing page and the information it provides or captures depends on the purpose of the campaign.

Some of the important qualities of a good landing page are:

i. Clear navigation
ii. Carries all relevant information and images about the product or service
iii. Answers all FAQs a visitor might have
iv. Carries a clear call to action
v. Provides a way for visitors to get in touch
vi. Let’s the visitor know what to expect before and after clicking on call to action
vii. Very important – it loads quickly

24. Name some PPC tools.


Some of the popular PPC tools are:

i. Google Keyword Planner
ii. Google Trends
iii. Google Analytics
iv. Facebook Ad manager app
v. Adwords Performance Grader etc

25. Why do you want to make a career in PPC Marketing?


With this question the interviewer is trying to find out why you chose to make a career in PPC marketing and he/she would like to know why do you believe that you are a deserving candidate.

He /she would want to know what motivates you to work in this industry and how passionate you are.  To answer this question, you can say something like, “PPC marketing is very demanding and with the evolution of Internet world, it is the future. I possess good analytical and creative skills which attracts me towards a career in PPC Marketing”.

26. Is there a difference between Internet Marketing and PPC Marketing?


Yes, there is a difference between Internet Marketing and PPC Marketing.

Internet marketing also known as Online Marketing is a very broad concept.  It has different channels like Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, etc.

Pay -Per -Click Marketing is a form of marketing in which you pay only when some clicks on your Ad and lands on your page or takes the other required actions.