Principles and Practices of Management Test 2

6. A business has an obligation towards its customers for better results. These results are delivered in terms of _____

i] Quantity
ii] Quality
iii] Cost
iv] Presentation

a. i and ii
b. ii and iii
c. i, ii and iii
d. All the above

Answer: c. i, ii and iii

7. Maximum utilization of time is possible, if it is properly ________

a. Distributed
b. Spent
c. Observe
d. Planned

Answer: d. Planned

8. Match the Following

1] Investment in the machineryi] Treat as an asset
2] This is calculated every year on machineryii] Depreciation
3] To operate machinery toolsiii] To keep it serviceable
4] Maintenance of equipmentsiv] Semi-skilled workers
v] Trained workers
vi] Profit and loss
a. 1-i, 2-ii, 3-iv, 4-v
b. 1-vi, 2-ii, 3-iv, 4-v
c. 1-vi, 2-ii, 3-iv, 4-v
d. 1-i, 2-ii, 3-v, 4-iii

Answer: a. 1-i, 2-ii, 3-iv, 4-v

9. As per Fielder's contingency approach to management, leaders are born not only out of personal attributes but also because of _______

a. Situations
b. Boss
c. Lessons
d. Social needs

Answer: a. Situations

10. Practicing management means making _____

a. Administrative career
b. Managerial career
c. Organizational career
d. Career

Answer: b. Managerial career