Principles and Practices of Management Test 4

16. The ______ helps to identify new problems with fresh perspectives.

a. Job Analysis
b. Job Rotation
c. Job Description
d. Job Orientation

Answer: b. Job Rotation

17. To manage business, one must understand ______ and _______ of links in supply chain.

i] Quality
ii] Cost
iii] Quantity
iv] Manpower

a. i and ii
b. i and iii
c. ii and iii
d. ii and iv

Answer: a. i and ii

18. Quality control methods like six sigma are usually based on ________ technology.

a. Computer
b. Scientific
c. Mathematical
d. Statistical

Answer: d. Statistical

19. It is necessary that critical points remain ______.

a. Economical
b. Changed
c. Unchanged
d. None of these

Answer: c. Unchanged

20. Match the Following

1] Targets are decided in terms of quantityi] DSS
2] Decisions taken to improve qualityii] Qualitative decisions
3] Arithmetical term used to show conversion of qualitative decision into quantitative decision.iii] MIS
4] The biggest disadvantage of this type of decision system is that nobody takes its responsibility.iv] Group decisions
v] Quantitative decisions
vi] Impute
a. 1-v, 2-ii, 3-vi, 4-iv
b. 1-vi, 2-i, 3-iii, 4-iv
c. 1-i, 2-, 3-vi, 4-iv
d. None of the above

Answer: a. 1-v, 2-ii, 3-vi, 4-iv