Problems on Ages - Aptitude Questions and Answers Part 3

11. Three friends Neena, Disha and Pari are sitting together. The present age of Disha and Pari are in the ratio 4 : 5 and those of Neena and Pari are in the ratio 1 : 5. Two years hence, the ages of Neena and Disha will be in the ratio 3 : 10. Find the present age of Pari.

a. 30 years
b. 34 years
c. 35 years
d. 37 years

Answer: c. 35 years

12. Reba is 12 years elder to Winston and will be 85 years old in 7 years. Myron and Winston's present ages are in the ratio 3:11. What is the present age of Myron's father if he is 25 years older than Myron?

a. 43 years
b. 44 years
c. 45 years
d. 46 years

Answer: a. 43 years

13. The ratio of a brother's and sister's age was 11:5, seven years back. After eight years, this ratio will be 7:4. What will be the sum of their ages 10 years from now?

a. 114 years
b. 118 years
c. 121 years
d. 124 years

Answer: a. 114 years

14. The age of two brother is in the ratio 4 : 3. Six years from now, the elder brother will be 26 years. What is the present age of the younger one?

a. 12 years
b. 15 years
c. 21 years
d. 191years

Answer: b. 15 years