Production and Operations Management Test 2

6. What do you call the situation in which the component is not completely rejected but corrected?

a. Inspection
b. Reproduction
c. Reprocessing
d. Quality assurance

Answer: a. Inspection

7. _______ are specially trained individuals responsible for leading six sigma teams through the DMAIC process.

a. Master Black belts
b. Black belts
c. Green Belts
d. DMAIC Professionals

Answer: a. Master Black belts

8. Structure of transportation cost depends on which of the following factors?

i] Power
ii] Average distance of shipment
iii] Characteristics of the commodity
iv] Medium of shipment

a. Only ii and iv
b. Only ii and iii
c. Only ii, iii and iv
d. All the above

Answer: c. Only ii, iii and iv

9. Who selects the job for method study?

a. Storekeeper
b. Inspector
c. Operator
d. Manager

Answer: d. Manager

10. When batches are small, the ratio of direct workers to supervisors is ______ and vice versa, in Batch Production.

a. Negative
b. Lower
c. Equal
d. Higher

Answer: b. Lower