Production and Operations Management Test 3

11. What do we call the irreducible minimum time required to complete an activity?

a. Standard time
b. Normal time
c. Crash time
d. Pessimistic time

Answer: d. Pessimistic time

12. _____ refers to assignment of task or work to a facility.

a. Loading
b. Directing
c. Controlling
d. Coordinating

Answer: b. Directing

13. In the planned maintenance work cycle what is the step prior to executing?

a. Recording
b. Planning
c. Controlling
d. Scheduling

Answer: d. Scheduling

14. What are the advantages of JIT?

i] Zero or reduced incoming inspection
ii] Early detection and correction of non-conformances, giving an opportunity for improving quality of purchased parts
iii] Reduced inventories of raw materials, purchased parts, work in progress and finished goods
iv] Slow response to engineering change requirements

a. i and ii
b. i and iii
c. i, ii and iii
d. All the above

Answer: b. i and iii

15. Some of the common objectives of a good layout are as following

i] Efficient utilization of available space
ii] Minimization of rejections
iii] Economy in material handling
iv] Minimization of production delays

a. i and ii
b. i and iii
c. i, iii and iv
d. All the above

Answer: c. i, iii and iv