Research Aptitude Online Test Questions Part 4

16. In Destructive Testings, __________ is the best method of research.

a. Research survey
b. Sampling
c. Random Enumeration
d. None of these

Answer: b. Sampling

17. To draw more and more clear ideas about the problem, ________ research applies the laws at the time of field study.

a. Survey
b. Applied
c. Experimental
d. Action

Answer: c. Experimental

18. __________ approach of research deals with long term researchers.

a. Horizontal
b. Longitudinal
c. Lateral
d. None of the above

Answer: b. Longitudinal

19. What is a hypotheses?

a. Tentative statement that needs a validity test
b. A factual statement
c. Past experiences based supposition
d. All of the above

Answer: a. Tentative statement that needs a validity test

20. Participant observation is getting yourself completely involved in the study of _______

a. Methods
b. Procedures
c. Organizers
d. People

Answer: d. People