Research Aptitude Online Test Questions Part 6

26. Evaluation research should aim at ______ decision making.

a. People-based
b. Trend-based
c. Data-based
d. Situation-based

Answer: c. Data-based

27. ______ sampling is a non-probability sampling method.

a. Cluster
b. Quota
c. Systematic
d. Simple random

Answer: b. Quota

28. Research methods can be classified as ______

a. Descriptive method
b. Experimental method
c. Pre-empirical research
d. All of the above

Answer: d. All of the above

29. A hypothesis of no difference is called as _________

a. Null hypotheses
b. No hypotheses
c. Zero significance hypotheses
d. None of these

Answer: a. Null hypotheses

30. _______ has/ have a direct impact on research tools and techniques?

a. Processes
b. Knowledge
c. Aspirations
d. Concepts

Answer: d. Concepts