Retail Marketing Interview Questions and Answers Part 3

14. Please tell us something about yourself.


This is usually the first and the most common question the interviewers ask.

While answering this question, you need to focus on work experience, your achievements, strengths and how they will help you in this job.

For example, you can say something like: I have been working as the Retail Marketing Manager with ABC International for the past 4 years. My job involves developing marketing campaigns and events to increase the foot fall- this includes various ATL and BTL activities, liaison with the vendors, fabricators and other external agencies. I also take care of our website, Facebook page and other social media platforms.

Last year we opened a new retail store in the southern region of the city. With the advertising campaigns and other activities we did, we could immediately make a mark for ourselves.

To stay competitive in retail marketing, we need to be highly creative, customer centric, competitive and reliable. This job has helped me develop all these qualities in myself.

I got to know that you are currently looking for a Retail Marketing Manager and I believe that I possess the required experience and knowledge to be a good fit for this position.

15. What do you know about us?


With this question, the interviewer wants to understand the initiative you have taken to know them. Your answer to this question demonstrates your seriousness towards this position and company.

It is not possible for you to know everything about the company but you should take some time to find out the things that are easily available. Ensure you check the following before you go to the interview:

i. Company website - Read their about us, vision, mission and work culture section carefully.
ii. Know about their core values.
iii. Check if they are there on any social media platform.  
iv. Know their founders and also about the people working there.
v. Check if they were in news for some exceptional work done by them.
vi. Check if they have won any award recently.
vii. Find a bit about their products.

16. What are your strengths?


The trick to make the most out of this question is to talk about the strengths relevant to the position. To do this effectively, make a list of all your strengths and also a list of strengths required for the position. Now compare both, the common strengths are your strengths for this position.

Your answer here should tell the interviewer, "Why you are a good fit for this job"?

For e.g. you can say something like: As a retail sales associate for an apparel range, I need to help customers dress up for different occasions. Each of them has a different budget. My good understanding of customer requirements helps me show them the right kind of dresses and color combinations. I also find it extremely easy to connect and communicate with the customers.

17. What is your weakness?


The interviewer will appreciate if you give out the truth. Don't say that you don't have any weaknesses because that is not possible for a human being. Talk about a weakness and focus on what are you doing to overcome your weakness.

For e.g. you can say something like: "Earlier I used to finish one task before getting on to another. However, being in this industry, I have realized how important it is to work on multiple tasks at a time. I'm trying to improve my ability to multitask patiently."

18. What do you do to improve your product knowledge?


In retail marketing, you need to possess an excellent product knowledge. There are a number of ways through which you can get to know about your product. For e.g.

i. Official training programs
ii. Discussion with other employees
iii. Reading the information material
iv. Online information
v. Trying out the new product before demonstrating it to customers

To answer this question you can say, 'I attend the training sessions regularly. I try to make good use of the product information given online and in the manual accompanying the product. If I have any questions about the product, I ask my team members. Also, I prefer trying various settings of the product myself before demonstrating it to the customer.

19. Are you open to work in rotational shifts?


For the stores that work during the regular working hours, this type of question won't arise. However, if you are being interviewed at a store that works for longer hours, you might be needed to work in shifts.

You need to make up your mind to answer this question before you go to the interview. If you are Ok to work in shifts, there shouldn't be a problem. However, don't say "yes" if you actually mean a "no" - try to negotiate for a regular work shift rather than a rotating shift.