Sales Interview Questions and Answers Part 2

8. What are the common traits of a new age sales representative?


Sales Representatives need to strategize their activities in a smart and efficient way. Some of the common traits of new age sales representatives are:

i. Good at follow-up: Maintain a calendar to make sure he does not forget any follow up.

ii. Use automation software to save time: Automation software save time. Email automation software to automate follow-ups, contact validators to check if the contact data is correct and more.

iii. Use Social Media effectively: To stay in touch with old customers and new prospects.

iv. Maintains clean and clear sales pipeline: As it helps them stay organized and productive. Having an accurate and updated information about the prospects helps in closing the deal easily.

9. What is social selling?


Social Selling is a process where you use your social networking channels to identify your prospects, build the relationship and achieve your sales goals.

This is a new method which most of the businesses are using to connect with the prospects. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter are mostly used channel for social selling. This being fairly a new concept, needs a lot of improvement; the challenge here is to have more lead conversions.

10. What are the key things to remember to increase the results from social selling?


Working with a strategy helps enormously in increasing your lead conversions through Social Media. Following are some important things to pay attention to:

i. What's working?: Getting active on Social Media increases your number of followers but the most basic thing to do at the beginning is to understand, what got you the lead and how it originated?

ii. Understand the power: Social Media has become a big avenue to establish the usability and reliability of a product. Talk positively, build good relationship and above all provide correct information.

iii. Measure Returns: Measuring returns from individual leads will help you focus on ones that are more promising and result producing.

11. What are the qualities of a great sales person?


A sales job is tough but people do excel in it. Following are the qualities of excellent sales people:

i. Very well organized: They are self-managed. They prioritize their tasks for themselves and do not need much supervision.

ii. Result oriented: They identify the tasks which will help them in achieving their goals.

iii. Very Persistent: They know that selling takes time. So, they won't just give up after any rejection or after losing a deal.

iv. Handle Rejections: They don't take rejections personally. They know that rejection is a part of their job.

v. Highly attentive: They will pay a lot of attention to understand what the customer requirement is.

vi. Honest: They are always honest about their products and services.

12. What motivates you as a salesperson - Recognition or Money?


Most of the people join sales field to make good money. However, in reality, money is not the only motivating factor.

A person would appreciate being recognized for his/her hard work. They are also motivated by the desire to help and solve people's problem.

So, to answer this question you can say something like: "Monetary incentive is definitely one of the driving forces but it's not the only one. I would really appreciate if I am recognized for my accomplishments. It is also satisfying to know that I was able to solve the customer's problem and help my colleagues.

My manager gives me the freedom to prepare my sales strategies and also mentors and assists me to improve and achieve my targets which keeps me motivated."

13. What is prospecting and what are its types?


The process of identifying a potential customer is known as Prospecting. The various types of prospecting are:

i. Cold Calling: Calling an individual or organization that has not made an inquiry.

ii. Qualified leads: Digital advertising helps in generating information about the customers who are interested in the product and have provided their contact details.

iii. Social Media: Salespeople actively discusses their products and services on social media to connect with the potential customers.

iv. Networking: In this type of prospecting the salesperson uses personal connections to connect with people who might be interested in their product or service.

v. Lost customers: Here the salesperson tries to get back their past customers.