Sentence Completion - Verbal Ability Questions Part 2

Directions: Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank and make a meaningful sentence.

7. The thief had managed to _____ on many occasions, but was finally _____ by the police and put behind the bars.

a. cheat, robbed
b. abscond, kidnapped
c. deceive, cheated
d. defend, acquitted
e. escape, arrested

Answer: e. escape, arrested

8. Rajesh, two of _____ brothers play cricket, wishes to be a coach after his retirement.

a. whom
b. which
c. them
d. whose

Answer: d. whose

9. The _____ effect of suitably chosen books on children's minds should not be under estimated.

a. educational
b. baneful
c. educative
d. boost
e. debilitating

Answer: c. educative

10. The signals are _____ through the tower.

a. transported
b. transmitted
c. transferred
d. carrying
e. transplanted

Answer: b. transmitted

11. The wrong values we impart to our children at home are solely to be blamed for the moral _______ of the society.

a. devaluation
b. degradation
c. advocacy
d. revival

Answer: b. degradation

12. Even a _____ glance will let you catch the mistake.

a. critical
b. crude
c. curious
d. cursory
e. prefer

Answer: d. cursory